Road Tips Made Easy – Lakes, Parks, and Old Towns

road trip

There is no better feeling than hitting the open road, if you’re a keen traveler like me road trips are an essential partof the whole experience. The freedom and choice is completely your own and not being bound by itineraries and plans is the only way to travel. However there is, or should I say was, just one snag- navigation.

One a recent trip to Zagreb we did what a lot of people do when they go away, we hired a car. As I mentioned before, for us, it’s the only way to explore and see the sights on our own terms and in our own time. The in-car satnav was an invaluable tool during our journey and left me wondering how we would have found our way without one!

Plitvice Lakes

We began our journey in Zagreb, I can’t say we hung around here for too long; we wanted to get away from the city, off the beaten track and into the real heartbeat of the countryside and National Parks. The beauty of a sat nav – it’s a complete stress buster, we programmed the device to avoid main roads, which meant we were soon out of the city boundaries and ambling along through the countryside towards the Plitvice lakes. If you have never been its somewhere you really should make the effort to see. It’s around 190km from Zagreb and was declared a national park in 1949 before being named as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1996. With over 50miles of walking track and 16 pristine lakes and waterfalls you can easily spend days exploring the mountains and stunning scenery.

Krka National Park

We then hit the road again and began the two and a half hour journey to Krka National Park which boasts the tallest limestone barrier in Europe, standing a staggering 46meters high it’s an awe inspiring sight. There is also the option to sunbathe along the lakes or to take a dip in crystal clear waters.


After a four hour journey we were pretty worn out and ready for some rest. We decided to head into the old town for dinner and found it to be a very special atmosphere amongst the small streets, authentic cafes and old buildings. It felt like a real step back in time and the balmy summer temperatures certainly added to the ambiance. The following morning we headed into the city to see the Latin bridge which was the place archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in 1914, contributing significantly to the outbreak of World War I.

Author Bio: Karl Jacobs combines his love of teaching and travelling; having lived in several countries he currently teaches in Montenegro.

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