Central America, flanked on one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other side by the Pacific Ocean, lies the Republic of Costa Rica. The beautiful country, which includes several islands, has long been a popular tourist attraction and offers several destinations that have become hot spots for vacationers from all around the world.

The country has almost become synonymous with adventure and rightly so. Home to some of the most stunning beaches, pristine white sands and marine life, this tropical country takes immense pride in its beaches and is a heaven for people who love sun, sand and water.

Whether it is a quiet getaway you are looking for, some romantic time with your loved one or just a happy fun filled place where you can relax and let loose with your family, the beaches of this Caribbean country will cater to every single need. Following is a list of the best 10 beaches in the country, take your pick and just go let go.

Manuel Antonio, the Twin Adventure Town

This region lies in the central Pacific region of the country and is by far one of the most popular tourist attraction in the country. There are several world-class beaches and also a national park between which the visitor’s can divide their time. The region is one of the two locations in the country where tourists can see all the 4 kinds of monkeys; howler, spider, squirrel and white faced. The Squirrel monkey is one of the endangered species but finds home and protection in this quaint town. The nightlife matches the best anywhere in the world and the only thing you will be short of is, time.

Tortuegero for Ecotourism Lovers

This is the place for you if you fancy eco tourism and wild life conservation. Home to at least 16 endangered varieties of mantees, green turtles and other aquatic life, it also offers big waves and sandy beaches.

Surfers would Love Malpais and Santa Teresea

Miles and miles of deserted beaches and an ideal surfing environment, this place is one of the fastest growing tourist locationof the country. It has a number of accommodation options that can fit every different pocket.

Nicoya Peninsula – the Blue Zone

Do you know what a blue zone is? To put it simply, a place is called ?blue-zone’ when its people live active lives even past the age of 100 years. Nicoya Peninsula is one of the very few places on earth, which comes under ?blue zone’ category. Doesn’t this fact say a lot about the place than any words can possibly describe? The beaches here are not only most popular but also most animated. Easy accessibility and a life style that will get you hooked on the moment you land here are some other reasons why it is one of the popular tourist destinations.

Lovely Turquoise Water at Punta Uva & Manzanillo

At the eastern coast of the country, you will find endless stretches of turquoise water, white sand beaches and coral reefs. This is where you encounter true Caribbean splendor with tall coconut trees, which provide both shade and a stunning coastline.

Playa Dominical, a Lover’s Paradise

This is an ideal place for couples looking to spend some quality time with one another. From dusk to dawn, the beach offers you an excellent view of the some of the most amazing and beautiful sunrise and sunset, every single day.

Playa Arcos – the Serene Spot

Do you want to get away from all the clutter and chatter to a place, which is just plain awesome nature? Playa Arcos is meant for you then. This is one of the most hidden beaches of the country and is surrounded by jungle-covered hills on one side and turquoise blue on the other. Nirvana, you say? This is where you find it!!

Looking for a Hidden Spot Visit Ojochal or Playa Ventanas

This too is a hidden hot spots located in a small village. During low tide, one can get to see two adjacent sea caves within which the beach lies.

Play with Waves at Playa Avellana

With waves as high as 18 feet, this place is referred to as ?’little Hawaii’’ and is a favorite amongst people who love to surf and get the adrenalin pumping.

Its Fishing Time at Tamarindo

This little hamlet is ideal for people who just wish to spend some quality time fishing and enjoy the nature around them.

Costa Rica is country where people love to live, have fun and enjoy the bounties of nature. The beaches in the country are all an integral part of a lifestyle that the residents of this stunningly beautiful nation are proud off. The location of the country is such that you experience comfortable warm climate throughout the year.

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