Hotels in the Caribbean

Need to relax and unwind? What to feel the fresh ocean air, and have a view of a lifetime in your bedroom? A hotel or villa in the Caribbean may be just for you. For those who are just staying for cool and calm vacation hotels in the Caribbean will do just the trick, with luxury amenities, beautiful locations, and just an all out wonderful experience, but if you want a more long lasting stay, or a place to always comeback to in the Caribbean you might want to get a villa. They offer the same or even a better experience, and some even come at affordable prices.

Top Hotels

1. Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay, found in Punta Cana one of the Dominicans Republic’s vacation hot spots. It proves that the sheer intimacy of its property triumphs over any brand backed reputations. Tortuga bay not only trump any nearby resorts, but also every other luxury spot in the Caribbean. Thanks to the warm and friendly atmosphere of the place, and the close attention to detail that each employee has. Tortuga Bay is truly one of the best hotels in the Caribbean.

2. Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

The Nisbet Plantation Beach Club offers it unique character to all vacationers out there. A former plantation back in the 18th century, offering richly decorated room that exhumes the mood of history with authentic Caribbean décor. For those who are looking for a traditional island experience, this hotel is just for you.

3. Jamaica Inn

Even with the amount of competition this inn faces along Jamaica’s coast, still this intimate hotel manages to be king of the hill thanks to its majestic and beautiful accommodations and high quality services.

4. Eden Rock, St. Barths

This Relais and Chateux outpost of St. Barks, delivers the high expectations of travelers looking for luxurious stays. Eden rock has a lot of love and caring that could be felt around the property. The managers are always around the hotel to give clients that personal touch.

5. Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France

Although Eden rock has a high mark of quality and luxury, Hotel Saint-Barth Isle de France still grabs the title of the best hotel in St. Barts. Guests and even travel experts have adored the hotel’s bright and fresh atmosphere along with the top of the line luxury customer services.

Top Villas

1. Azure Sky

With 4,700 square ft of space, this villa has everything you could want for in a vacation home. It has four bedrooms, beachfront location, and three Jacuzzis this place is a great venue to throw parties. This villa also boast a pool and game area, and a full bar ready for you to use.

You will never have to lift a single finger in Azure Sky, with a barman, chef, maid, laundress, and even its own security guard all available for you to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

2. Baraka Point

Sitting atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, on one of the best snorkeling beaches in the world, Baraka point just screams sheer island experience. At Baraka point, the emphasis on your stay is mainly on your wishes, you can grab a book from the huge library it offers, take a sip of your cocktail on the shore of the beach, or swim in its large infinity pool. If you prefer swimming, this villa give you access to one of the best snorkeling beaches in the world.

3. Villa Paradiso

From the name itself, Villa Paradiso just offers you paradise. Each villa in the Villa Paradiso complex has a design matching to that of the surroundings on the island of Nevis, with thatched roofs, and a fresh open-are design. Landscaped surroundings give and wonderful setting for honeymooners to go out and just enjoy the day. Its dining and living areas are combined to one big room, where vacationers can take a look out of the wall windows and enjoy the beauty that this paradise has to offer.

4. Villa Castellamonte

This villa would make any celebrity mansion look tiny. Designed with pure beauty on mind, the 13,000- square foot, Castellmonte has a distinct Tuscan influence that make this villa a place to be hold. Each bedroom is uniquely designed, with its very own handmade furniture. If you ever want to leave the bedroom, this place has its own resident chef that can cook you up any world class dish you want.

5. Cove Spring House

Probably the largest villa around the Caribbean, with its 20,200 square foot filled with beauty. This villa is just the epitome of luxury. Cove spring house sits on the beach of Alleyne’s Bay, with ten bedrooms and bathrooms, a not so conservative sized seaside terrain, and a cottage for your guests.

There is a staff of eight ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. Including a butler who can guide you to the best spots of the mansion, like the movie room, exercise room, and did I mention the movie room is basically a mini-theater.

The Caribbean is just the best place for you to relax and enjoy the luxuries of this world. With Hotels and Villas that offer top of the line services to cater to your own whim. Paradise can be just a trip away from you.

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