Venice is one among Italy’s must see cities and attractions are one of a kind. Chances are, that your trip to Venice is normally a once in a lifetime trip. You’ll want to experience all of it, through visiting the many sites and attractions. So, here are the ten things you need to see and do whenever you visit in Venice:

Saint Mark’s Square – Lined through cafes, shops, and also great museums, this is the place to receive a glimpse of the Venice glory architecture and also the sea.

Basilica San Marco – through Martha Bakerjian this excellent instance of Byzantine design near the Doges Palace is devoted to Venice patron and is Venice main basilica. Treasures within the Saint Marks Basilica consist of shimmering Byzantine mosaics and paintings through leading Venetian artists.

Rialto Bridge – through Barbara Molini, this decorative stone bridge over the Grand Canal is among the most popular bridges in Venice and is also a symbol of the town.

Galleria dell academia – the leading spot to see Venetian art from the 14th-18th centuries. Its assortment of works through Paolo Veneziano, Titian and Tiepolo ensure it is among the very best museums in Venice.

Peggy Guggenheim Collection – modern day art enthusiasts will enjoy the Peggy Guggenheim, among the first modern day art museums in Italy. The art gallery houses precious works from the front runners of Twentieth century artwork which includes Pollock, Mondrian, Klee, and de Chirico.

Take a Gondola Ride – whilst a gondola trip is not really a romantic activity it is the quintessence of Venice. A gondola ride around the town network of channels is a great way for you to discover some of Venice most famous bridges and buildings.

Go to Carnevale Venice – best known event is Carnevale which brings the Venetians dress, costumes, masks and other ornaments. The festival, which typically happens in February, is always loaded with fun, food, and a large number of costumed revelers.

Biennale of Architecture and Theatre – which happens every year in Venice and holds a chance to mingle among the brightest stars at the world of contemporary arts.

Venetian Lagoon, Islands, and Beaches of Venice – is situated within a lagoon which consist of islands and beaches proper for a day trip. A favored day trips consist of trips to Murano, Burano, and Torcello, in which you may watch artisans create their well-known glass works or to the Venice Lido, that has a beautiful strip of beaches.(image by Kate Thomas).

Piazza San Marco – has been named the drawing room of Europe, quotation attributed to Napoleon. The square is called right after the uncommon and beautiful Basilica San Marco that’s situated on the eastern end of the square.

So, if you are planning to travel to Italy, you need to include Venice in your route. It is a magical place and considered to be among the most romantic cities in the world. But don’t forget that Venice can’t be seen in several hours and you will need to allow at the least a couple of days to discover and visit these must see city.

Featured Image: Image by joakant from Pixabay

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