Visit Paris – The Most 7 Romantic Locations

Paris is the capital city of France with a population of over 12 million people. Paris is arguably the pillar and heart of France. It is the center of French culture, economy and politics. Besides being a capital city, Paris has a lot of romantic locations where visitors can enjoy the scenario and relax. It is greatly recommended to plan you trip accordingly prior to your arrival, especially if your vacation to Paris is during the pick season. Booking in advance a hotel (see , car rental, and some tours is a recommended.

Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower is a lovely attraction for couples who want quietness and peace. Recent surveys and statistics have rated this location as one of the favorite for tourists who are on a romantic vacation. A dinner or lunch at the Jules verne restaurant is a chance for couples to enjoy excellent and superb French cuisines. Moreover, this location is also the best for couples who want to avoid crowds in Paris. The Eiffel glow lights up the parks to create a favorable environment for romance.

Pont des Arts

Another notable attraction that is a must visit in Paris is the Pont des Arts. Most romantic films have been shot at this location because of the favorable environment and the quietness. Couples seeking a relaxing Parisian rendezvous now have the perfect place. For romantic lovers, this is a celebration delirium offering the chance to view top notch street performers and artists. It is a favorite spot for lovers who want to enjoy the best entertainment that Paris has to offer.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is yet another notable location that has hosted famous couples. Lovers from Jean-Paul Sarte, Simone de Beauvoir and Napoleon come to the amazing gardens to cement their relationships. The gardens here have been a favorable spot for lovers from all walks of life. Apart from flowerbeds, the place also offers lovers a chance to enjoy amazing flowerbeds, statues and fountains.


Northern Paris has a lot to offer visitors at the Montmarte. This is a favorite spot for lovers who want to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. Indeed, the neighborhood itself has a lot to offer with visitors enjoying the amazing cafes and shops. The quaint and charming atmosphere is a good environment for lovers who want tranquility and peace.


Romantic locations need theaters and good restaurants that showcase French delicacies. If this is your passion, Champs-Elysees is arguably the best choice. It is one of the ancient and most famous streets in Paris. Apart from designer stores, visitors can also enjoy a good shopping experience.

Musee Rodin

Another intimate and romantic spot is the Musee Rodin popularly known for the best museums. There are numerous sculptors works here giving lovers the best chance to take romantic photos for remembrance. Parks are also good because they provide a good environment for romantic attractions.

Square du vert Galant

Square du vert Galant gives couples a quite spot to relax and take memorable photos. It was named after one of the famous French philanderers. The willow trees are all you need to relax and take a break from your busy schedule. The park can be described as the perfect place for sweethearts to relax.

When choosing an attraction in Paris, the cost and the security are key factors that ought to be considered. These seven romantic locations are safe and secure all the time. Of course, it always better to be safe then sorry so regardless, take all necessary precautions and follow the basic safety travel rules.

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