Summer is the most exciting time in Europe. You get time to reflect and refresh in the sunny atmosphere accompanied by exciting events across Europe. This is also a perfect time to travel with your family as you sample some of the best cultures in Europe. Many European events come to life during the summer. Some of the exciting family events during this time include Edinburgh international festival in Scotland, the La Tomatina in Spain, Tomorrowland in Belgium, and Floriade World Horticultural Expo in Netherlands among others. These events present a perfect time for you and your family to travel, learn, and bond.

La Tomatina

This Spanish festival takes place in Valencia a town of Bunol. La Tomatina entails throwing of tomatoes and engaging in a tomato fight for fun. The event traditionally takes place during the last Wednesday of the month of August. During the festival, participants are required to give way to trucks. Ripping off t-shirts is not allowed. The tomatoes used must be squashed before they are thrown in order to avoid any injuries. This can be an exciting family event where members draw closer and enjoy the tomato fight.

The running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain

This annual summer event takes place in Pamplona. It is famous for the running bulls that chase brave visitors on a 2600-foot path. Injuries are common during this event due to its boisterous nature. Over the years, youngsters participating in these events attempt to race in front of the bulls. This event is a nice family outing if you are an observer. Plaza Consistorial and the famous Estafeta Street are strategic viewing locations for you or your family. You can easily get to this location by bus if you are coming from Madrid or Barcelona. Ensure that you have made prior bookings because this period is normally very busy during this time of the year.

Tomorrowland in Belgium

If you are looking for a summer music festival in Europe, Tomorrowland festival is the best place. This electronic music festival has been running since 2005. It takes place in the town of Boom in Belgium, which is approximately 25 miles or 32 kilometers north of Brussels. It is organized by the ID&T who are the original founders. This exhilarating festival comes with a blend of trends and music. As a global

The Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom

The Glastonbury Festival in the UK is a five-day music festival that is perfect for you or your family. This iconic festival takes place in Glastonbury, UK, two hours way from London by train or bus. This event enables you to enjoy contemporary music and a host of other events. In essence, it is a perfect event for your family since it also comes with a circus, theater, and other arts. This is the largest green festival in the world with an attendance of over 175,000 people every year. Since its inauguration in 1970, the event has grown in all dimensions, from infrastructure to attendance.

Floriade World Horticultural Expo

This international exposition takes place in Netherlands from April to October each year. Each day of the festival gives visitors a chance to sample an array of Dutch culture ranging from music to dance. It is a perfect location for flower lovers who would like to take their time to appreciate a beautiful world.

Planning for a holiday is an exciting affair. However, if you are looking to have the best experience, ensure that you have a clear insight regarding accommodation and the available means of transport. Summer holidays are usually busy; due to this, the cost of transportation and accommodation soars. You can get more information regarding travel plans from travel and holiday agencies right from the internet.

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