6 Top Football Stadiums in the UK

If you are seeking to watch premier league finals, FA cup as well as other major titles in football, then choosing amazing stadiums in UK is the best decision to make. United Kingdom is not only known for its social, political and economic growth but also known as international soccer grounds where football is a great game of the day. Regarded as home of soccer champions, it has risen to be an international football where football stars and premier league legends have come to exist. Furthermore, thousands of football fans have turned out in large numbers to support their favorite football teams. The overwhelming site of fans from Manchester, Southampton, London and all parts of UK makes it a wonderful football platform. UK has amazing soccer stadiums that attracts many fans globally. Here is a list of 6 Top Football Stadiums in the UK.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley stadium was established early in 2007 in London. It is among the biggest football stadium accommodating up to 90,000. Wembley is among the best facilities in London that host major games including FA finals, UEFA champions leagues as well as other major titles. With its big space, Wembley attracts fans from all over the world to watch their favorite teams. It is home of England’s national team and the second largest football stadium in Europe.

St James Park, Newcastle

It was established earlier 1880s when still a beach. It has risen over time to become a big football stadium with capacity of over 65000 people. St. James Park football has hosted major games including the Euro early 1996. The stadium is among the biggest stadium fitted with cantilever roof. It is located at the center of Newcastle city making it quite accessible to many football fans. It is connected to a railway and airport to the north as well as city car parks to the west.

Emirates stadium

Emirates football stadium is among the best football scenes you will enjoy watching games from. It was established many decades ago but has grown to accurate over 60000 people. It is a home ground for arsenal, one of the most competitive clubs in England. It is located in northern parts of London. The stadium has host many international games, Brazil have hosted major games in emirates stadium. Enjoy watching arsenal club as well as favorite play from those in academy.

Stamford Bridge stadium, Chelsea

Stanford Bridge stadium is a home ground of one of the leading clubs in England, Chelsea. It is located at the center of London making it easier for football fans to access it. It is has a capacity of over 41000 people with good view and seat arrangements. Crap the best chance while enjoying good breeze from the stadium, good view and awesome experience.

Old Trafford, Manchester United

As much as you love Manchester United club, then you will love Old Trafford football stadium. It is among the largest football stadium in UK accommodating over 75000 people. It is the second largest stadium in England recognized for hosting major games. It history denotes that, Old Trafford has hosted FIFA world cup finals in 1996 and champions league final in 2003.

Stadium of Light in Sunderland

It is a home ground for Sunderland club. It was established earlier in 2000 and rated as one of the best football facility in England. It has capacity to accommodate up to 49000 people. With its beautiful seats and scene, you will enjoy it.

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