The Best 5 Attractions in Larnaca, Cyprus

If you are in Cyprus, a visit to the famous city of Larnaca is necessary since it provides the best attractions. The city is one of the hottest flying destinations as it Larnaca airport is the best airport in the region. You can also travel by sea and land at the commercial port. The private marina offers the best boat rides for visitors with a number of yachts docking. The city of Larnaca is located on the Southern part of the country. If you visit the city for fun activity, the following five places offer the most memorable destinations.

Lazarus Agios Church

If you are into religion, a visit to Larnaca saint Lazarus church is a must visit. The church is one of the most attractive places since it offers the traditional architecture of the Byzantine ruler called Leo v1. The church was built in the 9th century and later redesigned in the 17th century. One place that you must visit at the saint Lazarus church is the tomb of the Saint. The tomb is built in the sanctuary. Inside, visitor will also sample the small museum with various Byzantine arts collections.

Alpha Diving Centre

If you make Larnaca in Cyprus your destination, then make sure to go scuba diving. The Alpha diver is a training institute offering lessons on scuba diving, water sports and snorkeling. The center is ideal for water sports like kayaking, aqua cycles, wave-runners and para-sailing. This is the ideal attraction activity for the whole family to enjoy their stay in the city. The scuba diving offers some ideal site on the water like ancient shipwrecks. Some divers go as far as inspecting the ships inside and other attractions like the cargo that is still inside

The Ancient Kition

For visitors who want fun visiting various attractions in Larnaca, then the Kition Ancient located in the North Western part is the ideal attraction. Here, visitors will sample out ancient temples built in the 13th century. This includes the Phoenician temple and the famous city walls. The ruins dedicated to Astarte goddess offers the best memorable sites. Some remains here include bronze materials, ivory and gold.

Larnaca Harbor

A good destination full of fun activities not to miss while in the city is a visit to the Larnaca Harbor. Here, you have the opportunity to explore the Zinonia wrecks. This monster ship offers a good history after its sinking in the 1980s. The harbor offers visitors a chance to sample various activities, the wrecks of many boats packed nearby and people going about their daily activities.

Nightlife and Entertainment

When the night approaches in Larnaca, there are many activities. First, you can make your way to the various bars lighting up the streets, visiting the beach parties and the nightclubs. The party goes up to the wee hours of the night. The best stretch to have fun is located at the North Eastern part where the famous action takes place at night. At the city streets, there are high-end entertainment joints and other venues where you can spend your night.

In Larnaca, Cyprus, every visitor will find something to be involved in. The best trick is to book your holiday on time to avoid disappointments. Guided tours will offer visitors the best since be traveling is done as a group, which is also cheaper

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