Moalboal, Philippines is regarded as a world destination for scuba divers of all levels. This is because Moalboal is a home of several best diving sites. It is here that both novice and experienced scuba divers get to study and experience the marine life. Professional marine photographers also get an opportunity to capture best pictures from most of the Moalboal diving sites. If you are considering going to Moalboal during next vacation for scuba diving, here are some of the best sites which will greatly complement your diving experience:


This comes as one of the best scuba diving site for marine photographers. The site takes a slope of about 18 meters and then a straight drop of approximately 45 meters. It is in this site that you will come across best positions where you can take both wide angle and macro photographs. In addition, the site homes a lot of marine fish species including Tip sharks.


White beach diving site offers scuba divers the best experience since they get to feed fish at a feeding area which is 25 meters from the starting point. In the process, you will come across different species of marine life including two-eyed coral fish, turtles, and Bucket sponges among others. Though you will be required to pay, the experience at this diving site is worth the price.


The dive at this site is characterized by a sandy slope of about 25 meters. Along the slope, scuba divers get to see several turtle caves. If lucky, you will be privileged to spot and take photographs of turtles sleeping in the caves. As you move further along the slope, you will come across some of the very unique marine species like the white tip shark, Anthias fish among others.


Copton point comes as a diving site with an attraction of its own kind. To start with, the diving slope at Copton Point is about 17 meters. About 7 meters down the slope is an airplane. The airplane plays the key attraction to many scuba divers. It was placed there back in 1993. However, only the outer body of the airplane is intact. Once you get to the deep point, you can opt to take the north east direction and head towards the Marine sanctuary. That way, you will see better marine features as compared to other directions.


This diving site is characterized by a steep slope of about 40 meters. 10-15 meters down the slope are some caves on the wall. Panagsama diving site is a home of different species of marine life and also some spectacular points where you can capture marine photographs. Since both the entries and exits are located within the beach, it is possible to dive during night hours.


With these and other diving sites in Moalboal, Philippines, it is evident that the place is ideal for underwater exploration. If new in Moalboal, it will be best for you to always consider taking a scuba dive in a site with unique attractions which you have never seen. After all, it is worth learning new things.

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