Beer and Bingo… For Man Only?

So how manly a nomadic dad should be? What a man in my position should do so he can feel like a “real” man? I guess after writing about What Else Can I Ask In Life? I realized that I have a feminine side deep in me and it craves to get out. I am not making any confession here about coming out of the closet. Come down! I am just saying that growing up, I dreamed of doing what men around me were and still do; things like drinking beer, consuming whisky, enjoying many hours in a casino, and play poker with friends. I had tried to learn to be a man by doing this things but I could not relate. Does this make a less man than I really am? You decide….

Growing up, I was surrounded by people who loved drinking alcoholic drinks. To be more precise, I was surrounded by MEN who loved doing so. The most common beverage was beer. When I used to go out to a local pub with friends, they all just took the bottle or the mug and sipped the cold beer with such a pleasure which was finalized with a vivid sigh. I tried to the same but damn, could not put my pleasure around it. Same when I went camping, I always had my chest cooler box full of ice and among all the necessary stuff, I put a couple of beer bottles-just in case I will feel man enough to consume them. And while sitting around the camp fire, I used to take a bottle and the only pleasure I got from it was hearing the sound of the carbons (the pssssssss sound) when I opened the cap. After that, it was all down the hill.

Same goes for casinos. Many people I know love casinos- to be more precise, they love the play.

Gambling was not my thing. It never was. I did try it few times but always got to nervous from the notion of losing my money. Some people explained to me that they see it as for paying for any other entertainment such as a movie, a show, or a game. I guess the presence of being nervous took away any potential for pleasure from spending my money this way. I guess I would prefer to use that money to take my family to a very rich and delicious dinner.

However, just like I wrote in the post Did You Ever Consider Gambling With Your Kids? Bingo!, we loved throughout our journey to experience the play of Bingo. Bingo is different since the potential of losing great amount of money is slim. We had experienced it as a family we felt really comfortable to expose our kids to this. Though we did not yet played Bingo online but only as part of volunteering projects (read the post), there are quite great sites one can enjoy Bingo. One great example is

And now as we travel already 22 months (I cannot believe we manage to travel for that long), I actually, learned to love beer. Yeah!!! I am a man again!!! I consumed so much beer that my bally is showing it. Ouch! I guess now I have to be man enough to be able to stop. How ironic. I think I will stick with my first lack of manhood by not liking beer. Cheaper and healthier.

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