Khumbu Icefall Dangers: What You Need to Know Before Your Everest Trek

Mount Everest. The very name conjures images of pristine snow peaks, adventurous souls, and the ultimate test of human endurance. At the heart of this towering dream lies the Khumbu Icefall, a formidable gateway to the summit’s splendors. This icefall, with its ever-shifting maze of crevasses and towering seracs, stands as a testament to nature’s…

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Beyond the Beaches: 5 Must-Do Activities to Experience in Tenerife

Everyone knows that Tenerife is a great holiday destination. Year-round warm and sunny weather conditions, fabulous beaches, spectacular volcanic scenery, and tourist-friendly infrastructure see thousands of Brits heading to the island each year. And while I could add to the bulging amount of literature by further emphasizing these qualities over the next 500 words or…

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