Every nation has a national character. The national character is what sociologists refer to as culture. A culture is unique to that country and may seem odd to outsiders. Chinese traditions defined by; living styles, how they socialize and eating habits stands out. 50% of its population lives in the cities. The rest live in the rural areas. Chinese people have diverse culture. but it all fuses to the Han community who are the majority in China. Anyone intending to visit china has to be conversant with the unique habits. It is important before you find yourself totally out of place.

Spiting and sanitation

Chinese believes swallowing phlegm is not good for health. They therefore spit whenever they feel like. They can spit anywhere including public areas. The Chinese people do not use handkerchiefs while blowing their nose, worse off, They do not cover their nose while sneezing. You may find this disgusting but you have to bear with them. This behavior caused the 2002 SARS epidemic. The tradition has greatly declined in the cities.

Eating habits.

The Chinese people eat in huge groups. They are very noisy while eating. Slurping their food and belching at the table is normal. Do not be surprised when they spit right beside the chair while eating. Elsewhere, this tradition is considered rude, but you will have to adapt if visiting china.

How they socialize

The Chinese people dislike isolation and individualism. Each and everyone strive to fit in a group. They tend to approach issues from a group rather than individually. You may find yourself very visible on your first visit to china for this reason. Being alone will attract attention. You will soon get used to it, but you have to learn hoe to deal with the attention.


The Chinese people have a high conduct in terms of discipline. You should maintain honor and respect at all times. Arguing or disagreeing with others in public is not acceptable. Avoid this at all times to avoid embarrassment. It is hard to know what they are planning since they like communicating using sign language. Be keen to read their faces and tonal variations to stay safe.

Loud discussions

The Chinese people are very noisy in public. You will notice this once you arrive in China. Do not mistake this for disagreements or arguments. They believe noise symbolizes life. Fights do occur sometimes. Leave the place immediately because they can never involve you unless you get yourself into it.


The Chinese people can smoke from anywhere. You will not even find ashtrays at some places. Do not be surprise to see a Chinese smoking in your car after offering him a lift even without asking for permission. The urban cities like Beijing have tried to restrict smoking in Restaurants but enforcement is still an issue.


Do not get undercover if you see the Chinese people staring at you.. They are just curious not hostile.

China has diverse culture given the 56 ethnic groups. The Han are the majority. The Han people are responsible for the culture of China as a country. The Confucian and Taoist traditions greatly influenced Chinese culture. However, variations do exist in how they; conduct weddings, funerals, and birth celebrations. This entire traditions fuse with the Han culture. understanding China, Chinese culture, habits is therefore vital.

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