Top 10 Nightclubs in Mykonos for an Unforgettable Night Out

Introduction to Mykonos Nightclub: Where the world comes to party

Welcome to Mykonos, a sparkling gem nestled in the Aegean Sea, widely acclaimed as a hub for nightlife. The pulsating heart of the island beats wildly after sunset, as its legendary nightclubs come to life. Here, the blend of traditional Greek aesthetics and sophisticated contemporary music creates an irresistible appeal.

The unique nightlife culture of Mykonos

The seductive charm of Mykonos nightlife sets it apart from other destinations around the world. While many places boast a bustling nightlife, Mykonos nightclubs offer a unique blend of sophistication and accommodation potential.

Every night these bands transform into vibrant festival venues, their music echoing across the island’s majestic mountains. It combines traditional Greek hospitality with the catchy melodies of modern electro, catering to music tastes of all genres and party-goers.

Global DJs and a vibrant party atmosphere

Nightclubs in Mykonos can proudly claim a reputation for world-class music. Famous DJs from all over the world grace the bands on this small island, their beats ringing out over the enthusiastic crowd and the surrounding blue waters A spectacular Laser light dance , the rhythmic blend of techno, trance and house music combine to reveal an exciting atmosphere.

Also, the party atmosphere is not limited to the local nightclubs. The celebrations often take to the beaches and streets, creating a festive atmosphere that rings through the veins of the island, drawing everyone into its raucous embrace

Criteria for choosing a top nightclub

Choosing high-end nightclubs in Mykonos isn’t just about choosing pedestrian areas. There are several key factors that provide a surprising and nuanced analysis of what sets a nightclub apart:

  • Popularity: This is measured not only by the number of visitors but also by the buzz on the island and in the global party community.
  • Music and DJ quality: A club’s reputation is often based on the quality of its DJs and its lineup. It is important to always have an impressive playlist that matches their tastes.
  • Uniqueness of the location: coastal setting, dramatic landscapes, or uniquely designed interiors, unique qualities are considered.
  • Customer reviews: Feedback from partygoers provides an insider’s view of the clubbing experience, including things like staff friendliness, quality of service and overall vibe
  • Overall experience: This examines the cumulative effect of all the above components – after all, it is about how the nightclub makes visitors feel.

Top 10 Nightclubs in Mykonos for 2023

Mykonos’ nightlife is legendary, with its myriad of clubs offering unforgettable experiences. Here are the top 10 nightclubs for 2023, each bringing something unique to the table.

Cavo Paradiso

Name and Location: Situated at Paradise beach, Cavo Paradiso is a beacon for party-goers in Mykonos.

Music and Atmosphere: The club is famous for its electronic music and high-energy atmosphere, often hosting top international DJs.

Special Features: Its stunning location atop a hill offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, making sunrise parties memorable.

Visitor Experience: Reviews often highlight the club’s world-class sound system and the electric vibe that lasts till the early hours.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements: Opening hours vary by event, usually starting late at night. Entry requirements can include cover charges, especially during special DJ sets or events.

Paradise Club

Name and Location: Paradise Club is another gem located at Paradise beach, known for its lively parties.

Music and Atmosphere: This club rocks with a mix of house, electronic, and pop music, appealing to a wide variety of music lovers. The atmosphere here is vibrant and welcoming.

Special Features: Paradise Club boasts an outdoor venue with a pool, making it a perfect spot for day into night parties.

Visitor Experience: Guests love the thematic parties and the lineup of well-known DJs that perform here.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements: Like most clubs in Mykonos, expect late opening hours. Entrance fees apply, varying by event.

Super Paradise Beach Club

Name and Location

Super Paradise Beach Club, located at Super Paradise Beach, is a renowned hot spot in Mykonos, combining the exhilaration of a club with the relaxation of a beach setting.

Music and Atmosphere

With DJ sets playing a blend of electronic and mainstream music, the atmosphere is dynamic and invigorating, suitable for dancing your heart out during day or night.

Special Features

What sets Super Paradise Beach Club apart is its beautiful sandy beach where visitors can lounge and swim, and then transition seamlessly to clubbing. It’s not uncommon to see famous faces from around the globe partying here.

Visitor Experience

Customers frequently praise the attentive staff, vibrant scene, and spacious dance floor. The blend of beach relaxation and club excitement offers a memorable experience for all.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

Super Paradise Beach Club operates from late morning till the early morning of the next day, with peak times in the afternoon and after midnight. Entry is free during the day, but special events may incur a cover charge.

Tropicana Club Beach Bar

Name and Location

Tropicana Club Beach Bar found on Paradise Beach, is another popular party destination in Mykonos.

Music and Atmosphere

Tropicana Club creates an energetic party ambiance with house and electronica sets that keep the crowd moving.

Special Features

Boasting one of the top beach locations, Tropicana offers a summer club experience with beach amenities such as sunbeds and parasols. Its daily beach parties are a unique draw that begins in the afternoon.

Visitor Experience

Visitors often compliment the club’s relaxed yet lively atmosphere, the attractive beach setting, and the variety of cocktails on offer. The club’s reputation for fun and frolic resonates in numerous reviews.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

The club typically opens in the morning for beachgoers and transitions into party mode during the afternoon, carrying on late into the night. There’s no specific dress code, but do bring your party spirit!

Scarpa Bar

Name and Location

Located in the heart of Little Venice, Mykonos, Scarpa Bar is an iconic destination that offers an unforgettable nightlife experience with its scenic waterfront views.

Music and Atmosphere

Scarpa Bar presents a lively yet laid-back atmosphere, with deep house and chill electronic beats setting the mood. Perfect for those who seek both relaxation and a touch of party spirit.

Special Features

  • Beachfront Location: Positioned to catch breathtaking sunsets, offering a magical backdrop.
  • Exclusive Guests: A favorite among celebrities and international DJs.

Visitor Experience

Reviews often emphasize the unmatched views, vibrant music, and excellent cocktails, making Scarpa a must-visit for any Mykonos traveler.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

Scarpa Bar welcomes guests from the afternoon into the early hours. While there is no strict dress code, evening visits suggest smart casual attire.


Name and Location

VOID, situated in the bustling town of Mykonos, stands out as a modern and sophisticated clubbing venue known for its state-of-the-art sound system and architectural design.

Music and Atmosphere

The club is revered for its high-energy electronic and techno beats, curated by renowned DJs from around the globe. VOID creates an immersive atmosphere that commands your senses and keeps you dancing all night.

Special Features

  • Architectural Design: A contemporary space curated with artistic details, creating an alluring night-time ambiance.
  • Premium Sound System: Ensures an unparalleled auditory experience.

Visitor Experience

Patrons often rave about the dynamic environment, exceptional drink selections, and the top-tier DJ performances, making VOID a hotspot for nightlife aficionados.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

The doors of VOID open late in the evening and invite guests to party until dawn. Entry usually requires a cover charge, and table reservations are recommended for the complete experience.


Name and Location

Astra enjoys a prestigious spot in Mykonos Town, known for its iconic, cycladic dome.

Music and Atmosphere

  • Music: A diverse playlist featuring everything from mainstream hits to electronic dance beats.
  • Atmosphere: The club has a chic and sophisticated air, mingled with a sense of excitement.

Special Features

  • A rotating roster of international DJs.
  • A uniquely crafted interior inspired by the starry Mykonos sky.

Visitor Experience

Guests consistently highlight the club’s enchanting decor and the lively but intimate dance floor.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

Astra beckons night owls from midnight to dawn. It’s wise to dress fashionably to match the upscale vibe of the venue.

Skandinavian Bar & Club

Name and Location

Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, Skandinavian Bar & Club stands as a long-standing favorite among visitors.

Music and Atmosphere

  • Music: Top-chart international tracks that keep the energy high.
  • Atmosphere: A blend of casual and vibrant, it’s the place to meet people from all walks of life.

Special Features

  • Offers a spacious open-air courtyard to enjoy under the Mykonos sky.
  • Famous for its signature cocktails and welcoming staff.

Visitor Experience

Patrons often note the friendly atmosphere and the club’s ability to feel like a global party crossroads.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

The party here starts in the early evening and lasts until the break of dawn. Entry is straightforward with no strict dress code.

Lohan Beach House

Name and Location

Nestled on the sandy shores of Kalo Livadi, the Lohan Beach House merges beach relaxation with energizing nightlife excitement.

Music and Atmosphere

At Lohan Beach House, the soundtrack varies from ambient lounge tunes during the day to vibrant house music at night, setting the stage for a euphoric beach party atmosphere.

Special Features

  • Beachfront location: An exotic beach vista sets Lohan Beach House apart from many nightclubs.
  • Celebrity-endorsed: Brought to life by actress Lindsay Lohan, the club carries an air of Hollywood intrigue.

Visitor Experience

Many guests describe their experience as the perfect blend of relaxation and partying, with exceptional service and a vibrant yet cozy atmosphere.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

Lohan Beach House remains open from morning until late night, with peak times usually falling after sunset. Dress is casual, yet chic to match the beach setting.

Moni Club

Name and Location

Located in the heart of Mykonos Town, Moni Club is a gem known for its innovative design and pulsating energy.

Music and Atmosphere

At Moni Club, the rhythm switches from mainstream hits to underground electronic beats, providing a wild dance milieu for its patrons.

Special Features

  • Artistic Interiors: Moni Club’s design is a stylized ode to Greek heritage, serving as a backdrop to your unforgettable night.
  • International DJs: Frequently hosts globally recognized disc jockeys.

Visitor Experience

Reviewers often tout the club’s excellent cocktail variety, the remarkable energy that the DJ sets brew, and the unique and intimate clubbing experience.

Operating Hours and Entry Requirements

Moni Club welcomes its guests late in the evening until dawn, maintaining a lively atmosphere throughout. Entry usually requires dressy attire befitting the club’s sophisticated ambiance.

Enjoy the thrill of Mykonos nightlife at these two unique venues. Whether you choose the beachfront fun of Lohan Beach House or the artistic vibe at Moni Club, these nightclubs ensure an unforgettable experience as part of your Mykonos journey.

Clubbing tips for a memorable night in Mykonos

Best time to visit clubs

  • Avoid crowds:

To avoid the huge crowds, plan to visit the clubs in the evening. This is also a time when you can have a great break.

  • Peak Vibe Experience:

The real excitement of Mykonos clubs starts to peak around midnight, peaking in the early morning. If you thrive on vibrant crowds and pulsating energy, these are the best hours to immerse yourself in Mykonos nightlife.

The evolution of nightlife in Mykonos

A brief history

The nightlife in Mykonos has gone on a revolutionary journey, evolving from a casual beach party to one of the most sought after party destinations in the world

The beginnings of the

  • 1960s and 1970s: Mykonos nightlife can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s when it was an era of impromptu beach parties and casual gatherings in small bars that began to take over the list of artists, celebrities and wealthy travellers.

The boom

  • 1980s and 1990s: As word of the island’s beauty and warm weather spread, more nightclubs and beach clubs began to pop up. With the arrival of international DJs and the introduction of electronic dance music (EDM), Mykonos slowly established itself as a nightlife superpower.

The future of nightclubs in Mykonos

Globally recognized nightlife destination Mykonos continues to thrive, appealing to partygoers with a vibrant club scene and let’s explore what the future of nightlife might hold for this vibrant island.

prediction of trends

Upcoming DJs and Music Trends

  • Emerging talent: In the coming years, Mykonos nightclubs are expected to host a mix of established international DJs and emerging talent, creating a dynamic and innovative music scene.
  • Music trends: As electronic dance music (EDM) continues to dominate, genres such as deep house, techno, and experimental electronics are expected to gain prominence, reflecting a broader global repertoire . . . .


Nightclubs in Mykonos are not just places to dance the night away; They are the heartbeat of the island’s nightlife culture and are constantly evolving to meet the needs of global party enthusiasts.

  • Places to go: Bands such as Cavo Paradiso and the constant flow of new acts in the area offer experiences unlike any other world, catching anyone who wants to catch the essence of Mykonos nightlife there
  • Embracing nightlife responsibly: As Mykonos nightclubs move forward, embracing futurism and sustainability, it’s important for tourists to do their part. This means enjoying the vibrant nightlife culture responsibly, respecting the local community and helping to preserve the island’s natural beauty

The future of Mykonos nightlife promises excitement and innovation, but it also demands accountability from groups and patrons. While we wait for the next chapter in the Mykonos nightlife story, let’s make sure it’s a steady growth and shared respect.


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