The Magnanimous Asia: 7 Great Destinations

If you are planning to go for a tour at least once in each year, don’t ever miss the chance to get to Asia. There are fantastic destinations where you can roam around amazed at the beauty and magnanimity of the places. Both man-made and natural beauties are available around Asia and you can find cheap Asia flights online. It is easy to get to Asian destinations. Flying in Asia is affordable, as there are lots of cheap flights available for various destinations. Therefore, if you want to get some good fun and have some budget crunch, you should go to Asia. Besides the list below, other great destinations include Vietnam and Cambodia.

Let us take a look on the fantastic Asian destinations:

With gorgeous resorts, water side bungalows, beautiful and vividly colored reefs and transparent Blue Ocean, Maldives is one of the most sought for tourist destinations in the world. There are a total of 1,190 islands that are ideal for your trip especially if it is a honeymoon you are attending. The Maldives are situated in the Indian Ocean and famous for its scenic beauties.

However, be aware that you may face high expenses here as prices are a bit high for everything.


Two names must strike you whenever you are told that China is a good tourist spot. The Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City are those two amazing places. The amazing part is, both of these wonders are there in Beijing. You can get there and visit many more places that are not only beautiful naturally but also historically important.


Love shopping and food? Then you must visit Singapore. It is renowned for having high standard restaurants and fantastic options for shopping. There are fusion foods that attract most of the tourists to the beautifully adorned restaurants here. And not to mention, Singapore has one of the best skylines in the world. There are plenty of English speakers and kids are really welcome here, therefore, it is an ideal place for visiting with family.

Hong Kong

The former British colony is one of the best maintained places around the world. Although it is close to China and was formerly ruled by Britain, it has a completely different culture from both the nations. It has its own currency, judiciary and a different government. Therefore, it gives you a different flavor, always. The adventure filled city provides you opportunities to climb mountains, dive under waters and of course roam around the beautiful theme parks.


Ideal for honeymooners, Bali has fantastic beaches, ancient temples and luxurious hotels. Located in Indonesia, this island is also ideal for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. A little research can get you affordable hotels and movement packages.


Tokyo is famous for man-made wonders. One of the most high-tech cities in the world, Tokyo is moving very fast just like the trains it has. There are a lot of museums, beautiful sushi bars, temples and fashion houses for your enjoyment during your stay at Tokyo.


If you want to visit a single place in India, it should be Agra. The home of the beautiful Taj Mahal, the place is ideal for sightseeing. There are several other beautiful structures from the Mughal dynasty still boasting their existence. Don’t miss it if you love architecture and nature both.

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