Most travelers tend to visit Vienna, Austria with an expectation in their minds: a gorgeous place featuring opera houses, and full of imperial nostalgia and extraordinary cakes. Even so, Vienna tends to welcome the visitors with its amazing architectural designs and tourist attractions. If you are traveling Austria by train, you might want to check out Rail Europe for some of the list of cities and countries which can be visited from Vienna.

Central Vienna

With Innere Stadt, or the historical centre, just 1km wide, surprisingly Central of Vienna is quite compact. If you are looking for the most important sights, majority of them are concentrated along the Ringstrasse and in Central Vienna. In less than thirty minutes, you will be able to cross the city via the efficient public transport and almost everything in Central Vienna is easily accessible.

Central and Western of Austria

Just in case Vienna alone fails to satisfy your desire to explore the entire country, you should know that Austria can easily be explored via train. For an example, you get to travel Austria by train from Vienna to Salzburg for AU$47 and from Bludenz to Vienna would cost you AU$131. For more information on the cities where the train can take you, check out Rail Europe where it features some of popular journeys across Europe as well.

The Central of Austria will be able to offer you vineyards and castles clinging to steep slopes, right above picturesque villages. In Melk, a stunning Baroque-style monastery can also be found and the land slowly rolls and climbs into the Styria’s hills to the south of Danube region. This showcases the bustling and attractive capital Graz, as well.

As for the Western Austria, the grandios scenery of Alpine begins to emerge towards the mountain province of Tyrol. Before joining the Inn valley and climbing back towards Innsbruck of Austria, most trains travel through a corner of Bavaria in Germany from Salzburg, Austria. A more scenic but less direct route is cut by the highest peak of Austria, the Grossglockner (Hoher Tauern). The Innsbruck, the main town of Tyrol, boasts the most convenient mix of Alpine splendor and urban sights. A great deal for those who are looking for such a vibe in Austria!

Things Not To Miss

If you are interested in classical music, you would probably know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozard was actually born in Salzburg. Therefore, one of the many things you should not miss in Austria is visiting his house. Secondly, do not ever miss the lovely Hallstatt in the Salzkammergut region for the famous village in the picture-postcard. Also, Schonbrunn is well-known as one of the most magnificent palaces in Habsburg.

Austria might not be able to fully rival the other European countries, however, we should not forget that it also has one of the best tourist attractions. If this is your first time of visiting Austria, take your time to stroll around to remember all of the beautiful things in the country. Austria might be more than just another European destination.

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