Istanbul is the Turkey biggest city, with range of budget accommodation to fit your budget and your taste and preferences. The Diverse budget accommodation option makes Istanbul tourist destination in turkey. Any neighborhood of Istanbul you will find and accommodation that will fit you. The different budget accommodation options in Istanbul differ in many things and they are affordable for back packers and those tight on budget.


The beautiful built hostels in Istanbul are budget accommodation. The hostels are simple laid back type of accommodation .They offer great atmosphere and services with the lowest rates as possible. With warm and safe accommodation the Istanbul hostels will leave you enjoying their comfort for the value of your money. Rooms are air conditioned and self contained with the beautiful rags of turkey all over. Most of them are near eateries and some have their own restaurant. The price of the hostels ranges from ten to thirty Euros per night.

Bed and breakfast accommodation

The bed and break fast rooms are unique and comfortable accommodation that cater for your bed and breakfast. The beautiful room has enough space and they are self contained .The bed and breakfast accommodations have a free internet with some having amenities like gym and swimming pools. The accommodations have restaurants offering all kind of both local and international cuisine. The rooms have the beautiful turkey rags which are very welcoming. Any neighbor hood that you go in Istanbul you are sure to get the bed and breakfast accommodation at a very reasonable price and value for your money.

Self catering accommodation

The self catering accommodation at the Istanbul are situated in every corner and they range from apartments,cabins,holiday and homes cottages .The self catering accommodation have all the amenities and you can cook for yourself or eat in other restaurants it is like being home away from home. It is cheaper to rent a self catering accommodation as a group since the charges are per self catering accomodation.The self catering accommodations range from studio rooms to more than one bedroom rooms. You can book a self catering accommodation for a whole month which is cheaper than for few days if you are planning to stay longer in Istanbul. The facilities that a self catering accommodation have is security, you can hold parties in your apartment, cook for yourself and invite friends over.

Cave hotels

Istanbul has unique kind of hotel which is cave hotels. The cave hotels are carved into a rock formation. They give you a true experience and they have budget cave hotels which are real experience.


For back packers who would love to do some camping Istanbul has so many camping areas which are safe. The camping areas have basic amenities like wash room and bathrooms and some have barbeque areas. The camping sites are very affordable and you can let the camping gear from the management.

With the different options of budget accommodation .You can enjoy your holiday without wondering about the cost of the accommodation. The budget accommodation will suit your preferences and your taste. Enjoy Istanbul without breaking a bank.

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