When you’re next sitting down at your kitchen table or laptop computer to plan out your next big summer holiday, why not take a tip from the gypsies and consider a free camping holiday? There are dozens of no fee camp sites throughout the UK that are there for your enjoyment and utilization when the weather is fine; it is only a question of finding them, arranging your stay, planning your route, and bringing the right tools and equipment to assure your comfort and safety. By enjoying a camping holiday for free, you will not only get to play a part in the great outdoors, but will get to save your money for later trips or other indulgences, or for a rainy day fund when camping does not seem nearly as good of an idea. Camping for free in the UK is possible at a myriad of different locations, ranging from the southern coasts to the northern forests. While many camp sites, resort and retreat areas, and hostels will charge small to mid range fees for a night’s stay, pay day loans could help provide funds for your trip, free camp sites charge nothing but are not usually as well advertised. Another challenge you may run into when camping at a no cost location is that the amenities available to you are not likely to be as plentiful as they would be at a pay location. Running water, loos, and grill pits, for example, may or may not be present at a no fee campsite, whereas at a pay location they would nearly always be found.

What to Bring To Ensure Your Success

In order to make your holiday a smashing success, you will want to make sure you are well prepared to go out into the wilderness, especially when you won’t have much access to necessary resources. Bring not only as much food as you will need for the days and nights that you are planning to stay, but also for a day or two extra, just in case. Be sure you are up on the water situation – do you have to bring your own water, or is there a water pump at the camp site or a stream from which you can filter water? Be cautious of night time temperature drops. An area that may be sunny and delightful during a warm afternoon may be quite chilly at night, so make sure that your down sleeping bag is able to handle the cold. If you will want to have a bonfire in the evenings, inquire with the camp managers as to whether gathering wood is permissible or not. If it is not, you must bring in your own fire wood, kindling and starters. Other essentials that you will be a sorry camper if you forget include a few good sources for light such as a head lamp and a lantern, an outfit or two with many layers for adjusting to the climate, a collection of pots, pans, and cutlery, a camping stove, and some good quality rain proof gear in case the weather goes sour.

A few places that you may want to turn to when getting the bearings on no cost and low cost camping throughout the UK are EuroCampings for independent camp sites throughout the area, Wild Camping for resources galore on free camp sites, and camping in the National Parks on the occasions when they offer camping for nothing. Keep in mind to know your boundaries and be aware that it is never permissible to trespass on wild land or another’s owned land without permission. Be cautious of this and only camp in locations where you know you are welcome.

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