An insane month of unending venture out to endure forever. Our initial couple of days in Iran, we based ourselves in the city of Tabriz. From here we could do day treks to a heap of adjacent spots and we chose to visit Lake Orumiyeh, renowned for being a salt lake and the biggest lake in Iran. We additionally saw a few photographs of it that made it appear as though you were in the mists so we needed to visit!

Getting to Lake Orumiyeh

Alright so the undeniable route is to get to the town of Orumiyeh and head from that point. Orumiyeh is near to both the Turkey and Iraq fringes, so in case you’re coming in overland, you can utilize it as your first stop in Iran. Be that as it may we headed first the distance to Tabriz and afterward explored to Orumiyeh. The transport from Tabriz to Orumiyeh leaves from the fundamental transport station in Tabriz. Simply make an inquiry or two until you discover an Orumiyeh transport.

What is Lake Orumiyeh?

Lake Orumiyeh is a huge salt lake in northwestern Iran close to the outskirt with Turkey and Iraq. The lake is between the regions of East and West Azerbaijan (Iranian territories – not to be mistaken for the nation, which is independent). At its full size, Lake Orumiyeh is the biggest lake in the Middle East and the sixth biggest saltwater lake on earth with a surface territory of pretty nearly 5,200 km², 140 km length, 55 km width, and 16 m profundity.

The excursion is huge as you get a perspective of the lake as you go past it and over a scaffold to the town of Orumiyeh – at focuses you can see the salt which looks like ice or snow – however its most certainly not.

Most hikers base themselves in Orumiyeh and simply visit the lake on a day trip – there are transports in summer season, yet we wound up imparting a taxi out there. One thing to note is that the legislature do whatever it takes not to make it a “vacation destination” as obviously its not intended to be for that reason, however for a couple of US Dollar you can recover a taxi there and from Orumiyeh – you’ll need to deal them down from Orumiyeh station.

In case you’re not enthused about the no-nonsense exploring escapade to get here, you can simply head to the town of Khoor later on, and basically compose a trek to the Salt Flats for nightfall – which we likewise did. I’ll additionally cover our visit to the lake side town of Bandar e Golmaniyeh independently.

Authoritatively remaining on the salt is taboo as the Iranian government secure it and we regarded this. Lake Orumiyeh alongside its give or take 102 islands are ensured as a national stop by the Iranian government.

It’s an extraordinary experience for me to be in Iran and going by Lake Orumiyeh. In the event that you happen to fly out to Iran sometime in the not so distant future, I exceptionally prescribe going by Lake Orumiyeh. No, you will never think twice about it!

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