It is undeniable that almost everyone who goes to Italy and experiences that uniquely Italian hospitality and charm will be quick to say they fell in love with the country and its people at first sight. Such is also the case for anyone who has visited Florence, Italy’s jewel of a city. You could enjoy Florence’s beauty whether you were having a leisurely vacation or simply backpacking your way through Italy. However, if it’s a luxurious getaway you want, Florence will surely not disappoint. From immersing yourself to its rich and vibrant culture and history, to being acquainted with its luscious natural wonders and stunning modern marvels, Florence has it all covered. Visit Florence by train, bus, yacht, or better yet, via a luxurious private jet charter.

Have a personal tourist guide and concierge

If you want to experience the very luxurious offerings of Florence, you might want to book your very own personal tourist guide and concierge. There’s quite a few of them in the city. They offer everything from giving you a very exclusive guide around Florence to procuring for you anything you might desire to have. These guides give you tour of secret hot spots in the city that you might not even dream of knowing if you were just strolling around Florence on your own. They even double as personal shoppers. You can bring them along while you shop around the many boutiques of Florence. They will give you their expert advice on what looks on you and what doesn’t. It’s quite a VIP level of vacation experience.

Bask in stunning historical architecture and other landmarks

A true vacation experience is never complete without a tour around the city and getting to see the many gorgeous sites such city can boast about.

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore

The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore or Florence Cathedral is Florence’s foremost church. Its stunning Gothic-style architecture shouts of prestige and power. You can clearly see that in the Church impressive facade and interiors.

Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is the city’s old bridge. What’s fascinating about this stone bridge is the fact that shops are built on the bridge itself. These days, the shops are occupied by are souvenir, jewellery and art shops. In the sunset, the Ponte Vecchio makes for a very picturesque sight.

Piazza della Signoria

This square at the heart of Florence is shaped like an L. The Piazza della Signoria is a massive expanse of open space where may come together to meet and stroll around. When you stand in this Piazza, you can feel such a freeing essence envelope you. The Piazza also has quite a role in Florentine political history.

Palazzo Vecchio

The Palazzo Vecchio is one of the buildings that surround the Piazza della Signoria. That being said, the view from the top of this building is simply breath-taking. You get to see the Piazza back dropped by a gorgeous view of the Florentine horizon.

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