India is nothing short of being a subcontinent, being so rich with cultural heritage and tourist attractions. Even though India entirely is a place worth visiting, in this article we would be talking about all those great attractions which draw tourists and visitors towards North Indian region.

Qutub Minar

The capital city is of course of prime importance to anyone who is visiting North Indian region. If you are entering the country from international borders, then Delhi is a hard place to avoid. However, Delhi has its fair share of attractions like the India Gate, which a beautiful spot to see at night of course, the Qutub Minar, which is the tallest stone tower of India. The capital city is divided into two, it seems: old and new Delhi. For any tourist, the striking differences would make it a rather interesting place to visit.

The partition had butchered the state of Punjab into two halves. But the Golden Temple has to be visited if one decides to go to all the lovely places in North India.

The state of Uttar Pradesh is a must visit if you’re planning on a tour to North India. Not only does the city of Agra host the beautiful Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, but also the Agra Red Fort is a lovely attraction. If you happen to love history, then a trip to North India is going to be incomplete without visiting Agra.


Rajasthan should be next on your list, with the city of Jaislamer your place of interest. The beautiful sandstone city would make you feel you have been transported back in time to a place straight out of the Arabian Nights. It is a perfect place to be if you are planning a romantic getaway. The place really brings color into the dull everyday life.

While you’re still in Rajasthan, we would suggest going to the city of Udaipur as well. It is another one of India’s truly romantic cities. A quiet weekend away from the world at large would also bring you to this really amazing place: the grandiose old mansions overlook beautiful lakes. It gives you the impression of being stuck in fairy tale.


If you are interested in religion and if you are religious, then going to Varanasi is a good option for you. The calm peaceful place, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, would make you want to stay there forever. Not only because the myths say that being cremated there is going to make you stop following the cycle of life, but because it is a beautiful city, with the Ganges flowing by. Be sure to book a hotel which overlooks this Holy River.

If you are concentrating on only visiting North India, we would also suggest adding Leh-Ladak to your list. If you looked around, you would find that India is filled with amazing and astounding places. The North Indian region is but a small chunk of all the beautiful things you could see in this wonderful country.

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