Mauritius For Couples Top Romantic Activities

Mauritius honeymoon destination

Nestled in the Indian Ocean and blessed with balmy climes, the island of Mauritius is an absolutely great place for couples. In fact, I think it offers so many romantic things to do and see that it’s an ideal honeymoon destination, as well as simply being exceptionally well suited to romantic breaks in general.

Of course, if you want the ultimate in romance while you travel, you need to pick the things you do very carefully. Staying somewhere luxurious is a must (you can book some utterly stunning accommodation in Mauritius through Wanderforth), while the below should give you plenty of inspiration when it comes to activities.

1) Visit Isle aux Cerfs

No matter what your tastes, I think it’s fair to say that any romantic break to Mauritius is going to involve spending at least a little time on the beach. The only potential downside of doing this is that the island’s beaches can get quite busy, which I think can impinge on the romantic mood somewhat.
So, I recommend taking a trip to the nearby Isle aux Cerfs. Your tour operator should be able to help you arrange a day trip here, giving you the chance to relax on its golden sand and enjoy the sight of clear lagoons. As an added bonus, there are also some great restaurants which are absolutely brilliant for seafood fans – you can imagine how fresh the catch is!

2) Unwind in the spa

My next recommendation is taking a little time to unwind in a spa. Fortunately, lots of the island’s top hotels have their own spa, and I think staying in one of these can really help you strike a truly romantic note.

The One&Only Le Saint Geran hotel is an excellent example, with its spa offering a holistic approach that means it can tailor its treatments to you. So, expect to be seriously pampered!

3) Have an underwater adventure

There’s something undeniably magical about exploring new places together, but this is perhaps even more true when your destination is an underwater world filled with colourful coral and tropical fish. Mauritius is an excellent destination for scuba diving, with the Belle Mare Pass being one of the very best places to do it thanks to its massive concentration of marine life. Head to the north or north-west, meanwhile, and you can try a spot of wreck diving.

4) Go dolphin spotting

If you want to spot some amazing marine life above the waves, I thoroughly recommend doing a bit of dolphin spotting. Excursions are offered by companies such as JP Henry Charters and Ropsen, often leaving from the west coast. Seeing these beautiful creatures playing in the water is bound to be one of the most memorable parts of your holiday. And, if you like the sound of sailing trips, it’s worth remembering there are lots of other options, including snorkelling excursions and even fun barbecue outings.

5) See the beautiful Ganga Talao

It’s easy to spend your entire holiday in Mauritius on the coast, but I think it’s well worth heading inland to discover some of the hidden gems. Over on the High Plateau is the incredibly beautiful Ganga Talao, a natural lake that sits in the crater of an extinct volcano. It’s a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus, and I think it’s also a great place for couples to come and do nothing more than admire the view.

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