7 Wonder Places in France that You Must Not Skip

If you are looking for an ideal holiday vacation, France is the country to visit and has amazing tourist attractions and activities to do. The country is a major tourist destination and has amazing endless places to visit such as the Eiffel Tower, incredible palaces, museums, parks, cathedrals, historic monuments and picturesque beaches. These sites are definitely worth visiting as you will certainly love their breath-taking views. The country also has a lovely natural scenery which beckons many visitors. Besides there are affordable direct flights to the country such as flights from London to Paris. Here is a list of 7 wonder places to visit in the country:


Strasbourg has a lot of amazing things to offer to visitors even with its inimitable Alsatian style. It is home to the Grande Île, a lovely historic center and a world heritage site. Other attractions include a fascinating gothic cathedral whose view is breathtaking, museums, parks and lovely gardens. The city also has amazing wineries, viewpoints, and observation decks which are all indeed exciting.


Biarritz is a lavish seaside tourist destination famous for the Hotel du Palais, surfing culture and its casinos. The city is among the Southwest’s seaside gems and the pearl of the Atlantic. Its curved inlets, mild climate, amazing events that it hosts and the beauty of its coastline make the city a destination of fascination any time of the year. It has been a thrilling spot because of its seaside resorts and elegant villas.

Loire Valley

If it is French style, glamour and splendor that you are looking for, your expectations will be exceeded by the Loire Valley. The region has many extravagant fortresses as it was once of great importance thus nobles, dukes, queens and Kings came here to set up feudal palaces and pleasure castles. Besides the region is a large world UNESCO heritage site and is famous for its exceptional wines and classy lively cities.


The city of Bordeaux is one of Frances’s most dynamic, vibrant, exciting cities. It is a port city with an amazing advanced public transport system and incredible neoclassical architecture. Half of this amazing city is UNESCO -listed, making it the biggest urban World Heritage site. In addition, Bordeaux has amazing restaurants, incredible dining scene, fantastic fine wine, museums, lovely parks and gardens.

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel is a lovely UNESCO-world heritage site Situated on a small Island in Northern France. The island is best recognized as the site of the well-preserved and spectacular Norman Benedictine Abbey of Saint Michel. It is surrounded by convoluted architecture of the ancient town and winding streets. The Benedictine abbey has an amazing gothic style and is often regarded as the ‘wonder of the west’.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is famous all over the world for its beauty and glamour and has amazing spots that take it to a completely new level. From sea scenes to fields of lavender, here are six vistas you can’t miss on your next trip. It has amazing resorts, which offer delicious food to replenish your energy after swimming at the beach. It also has breathtaking seaside scenes, amazing museums and galleries. The French Riviera also hosts many events such as the film festival making it a place definitely worth visiting.


Paris is France’s Capital and is considered to be the most romantic and beautiful of all cities in the world filled with historic associations and remaining immensely influential in the realms of design, food, art and fashion. It is hosts some of the world’s most luxurious and finest fashion cosmetics and designers. Paris has many iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel tower, amazing museums, cathedrals and numerous restaurants. There are also affordable flights to the city such as flights from Edinburgh to Paris making it easier to travel there.

These seven wonder places are definitely worth visiting and provide the best holiday vacation.

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