Being one of the most dynamic cities in the world in terms of technology counts for construction of lovely and amazing structures with worldwide recognition, London has gained popularity as one of the most modernized cities in the world. If you are considering for a luxurious destination to spend your entire vacation, London should be your actual place. Spending nights in the most expensive hotels and restaurants around the world does not reflect acquiring the best services; instead you might be spending money on issues which might not be worth it. However, visiting London the case is different; the top 5 star hotels are not ranked in the order of their prices, instead, it’s by the number of flawless services which distinguish them from the rest. It is surely the best way to enjoy the festive seasons with no disappointments. Here is a list of top 5 star hotels which even if it means breaking the bank, they are worth it! They are amazing hotels which should be considered when planning a luxurious vacation to London.

The Marble Arch Hotel

The 5-star boutique accommodation available in The Marble Arch London is located within the stylish Marylebone district of London and it offers artistically designed rooms with a marble bathroom and luxurious toiletries. It’s a slice of elegant tranquility cushioned with grace and comfort and specifically designed to appease those looking for a luxurious night sleep in the heart of the amazing city of London. Apart from the sweet English and Continental breakfasts provided, this elegant hotel is located near convenient points which make it a tourism hotspot. Marylebone Rail Station, Hyde Park and Marble Arch Tube Station are some of the interesting places surrounding this little paradise.

The Montcalm London Hotel

This is a luxurious hotel neighboring one of the most exclusive addresses in London, located in a strategic position which is suitable for shopping and all the amazing experiences that London is capable to offer. The glamour which this stunning hotel extends is with a contemporary edge starting from the state-of-the-art modernized spa straight to the Jacuzzi and fitness center to compliment your experience. Being able to visit this wonderful place means total accessibility to the shopping malls at Oxford Street, Marble Arch and the Edgewater Road. Truly, if you want to experience the real luxurious life, first experience The Montcalm.

The Dorchester Hotel

This hotel is not new especially to the lips of the travelers who have paid a visit in one of the most iconic hotels in the world. It is simply the right place to spend lively nights welcomed with award winning breakfast tea and you are sure to experience a good epitome of timeless glamour. As if this is not enough, the elegant hotel which overlooks the famous Hyde Park is composed of elegant rooms with specially commissioned fabrics, antique furniture and exceedingly comfortable beds. It is surely the best place to enjoy your vacation in a hotel offering the best French cuisine.

Montague Hotel

It is one of the 5 star hotels offering unbeatable combination of comfort, convenience and outstanding personal. Speaking of exemplary service you should always think of this amazing place which is a tourist hotspot neighboring the Covent Garden and West End Theatres. With a train station and an adjacent airport, makes it one of the most convenient hotels in the region with unthinkable level of service.

Bermondsey Square Hotel

It is located in the heart of evolving Bermondsey, with an elegant restaurant, art galleries, design studios, clubs and well stocked boutiques. It features meeting facilities to hold business talks as well as offering the best massage treatments for refreshment. The services are flawless and the experience is at its best.

London is surely the best place to be!

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