Europe is one of the most amazing places to be in the world, if not the most amazing. When making a tour of Europe it is good to consider visiting the following places for they are the ten most fascinating destinations in Europe.

1 London, England

A world class city located at the heart of what was once Europe’s and world indisputable superpower. Everything in London is classy, be it the internationally renown museums, the Buckingham Palace, the eye of London among other numerous and exciting sites.

2 Rome, Italy

It is said to be the world’s most diverse city due to a multiplicity of interesting man-made features. Historians in particular find this city a heaven on earth due to its historical architecture . However everybody would love Rome due to its man-made wonders with the Colosseum, the Vatican city and the Pantheon being among the most desired attractions around the world. After that you would want to enjoy Italian cooking as the aroma calls you from miles away as it drifts along the city’s thoroughfares.

3 Paris, France

This picturesque city will definitely capture your wildest dreams due to its richness in culture, cuisine, fashion, museums and beautiful man made structures. No doubt, Paris has something for everyone. A fast underground train will take you round this fairy tale city and you will not miss to spot very beautiful churches, the Eiffel tower, museums and monuments.

4 Budapest, Hungary

This is actually an old fashioned town that seems to rejuvenate the ancient architecture by blending it with the new and novel seamlessly. Its fascination is found on old fashioned pubs, restaurants and buildings . If you want to get a touch of old Europe try Budapest and you will never regret the experience.

5 Lisbon, Portugal.

The most striking feature of this town is its affordability. It may cost you a lump some to get here but sure enough you will like the prices once are in. There are Gothic cathedrals to enjoy seeing and nice beaches as well. Accommodation, meals and other tourist facilities are at their best.

6 Dublin, Ireland

Located off the beaten path in the European tourist circuit, Dublin is a city that offers something for everyone. In recent years it has attained a reputation as a world class city to do business in tandem with the rise of the Irish economy. But it offers someone looking for leisure plenty too with a heady mix of bars, clubs and a very friendly people.

7 Normandy, France

The French countryside is as panoramic as they come but few would offer half the excitement you can get in Normandy. Its legendary ties with the triumph of the Allied Forces in the Second World War is especially unmissable for any history buff on a European tour.

8 Milan, Italy

It is for nothing that Milan, Italy is known as the center of Fashion and Haute Couture. But that is just one side of Milan. The city offers relaxing beaches, fine food and the most exclusive shopping opportunities.

9 Berlin, Germany

Berlin may have lost some of its shine during its decades behind the Iron Curtain but today, it has blossomed to reclaim its place in the world as a center of Art, history and fashion. There is also wonderful architecture and monuments to take you down memory lane in the history of Europe.

10 Istanbul, Turkey

There is no place like Istanbul with its split personality with half the city in Europe and the rest in Asia. It provides for a heady boiling pot of diverse cultures and culinary delights.

It is impossible to give a complete account of all the attractions worth visiting in Europe. It is hoped that the places and cities outlined above offer a kaleidoscopic view of all the delights this ancient continent has to offer to the discerning traveler.

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