So, the whirlwind is over. The party was a total success, everybody had a good time and you and your partner are ready to start the rest of your lives together. But first comes the honeymoon, a perfect escape for relaxing after the storm that wedding planning was, and also the very first step towards your marriage life.

Today we’ll help you to find the perfect honeymoon cruise for you. This will be a virtual trip through several options, so grab your margarita and let us guide you.

We took into account several factors to build this list of the best honeymoon cruises. We know that every couple wants different things, from the very traditional experience to the most innovative cruises; we tried to merge both and give you options that will satisfy a wide range of couples’ expectations. So let’s get to the point, no use wasting your time when you’ve got a wedding ahead to plan!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our top ten for honeymoon cruises.

1. PRINCESS CRUISES – Golden Princess.

This is for you adventure lovers. Want to drift away in big sceneries with a big wildlife dwelling inside them? You’ve found a perfect fit here; let’s visit Alaska! Your trip will start in Seattle, and will lead you to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, British Columbia. The Golden Princess will take you to the gold rush days on an antique train, let you travel alongside the biggest glaciers and permit contact with Alaska’s natives and their culture. All while being aboard a big, luxurious love boat. Prices start at $699 per person, no airfare included.

2. DISNEY CRUISE LINE – Disney Dream.

This proud member of the Disney Cruise Line Fleet does a three day, four night cruise; starting from Port Canaveral, you will be able to visit Disney’s secret retreat, Castaway Cay; then you’ll be taken to Nassau, in Bahamas. Isn’t that a good plan? To finish this charming trip, you will end up in one of Disney’s famous resorts. Plus, all Disney’s guests enjoy unlimited park admissions and transportation. Prices start at $1419 per person, no airfare included.

3. CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES – Carnival Freedom.

Grab your tan oil, for this cruise is all about sun and fun. Fort Lauderdale is the starting point for this trip, which will carry you through the Caribbean, visiting Key West, Grand Cayman and Jamaica. All inside a Las Vegas-style atmosphere that will keep you partying. Casinos, beaches and tan lines. Sounds good to you? Prices start at $309 per person, no airfare included.


This ship also departs from Fort Lauderdale, and it visits Grand Turk, San Juan and Saint Thomas, ending in a private island retreat, Half Moon Cay. This is a traditional cruise that focus on elegance and refinement. Art galleries, good wine and gracious service, served alongside delicious food sponsored by Food & Wine Magazine. Prices start at $599, no airfare included.


This cruise line has been highly rated by satisfied customers – and with good reasons! The Summit is one of its finest ships, and it will depart from Cape Liberty for a seven-night long trip and it will take you away to Bermuda; there you will enjoy three good, fun days in port, full of opportunities for relaxing and rejuvenating yourself. Prices start at $799 per person, no airfare included.

6. ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINE – Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas

Wow. Simply Wow. These are the largest and most trendy ships nowadays. They have LOTS of activities to keep you and your partner entertained: rock-climbing, mini-golf, sports, ice skating (no kidding!)… And night is fun too aboard these ships, with its restaurants, bars and lounges, not to mention the casino. Prices start at $749 per person, no airfare included.

7. NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE – Pride of America

Aloha! This ship sails around Honolulu, Hilo, Kona, Kauai and Maui. Its itinerary is perfect for adventurous couples, due to its port-oriented structure. Still, docking will prove to be very fun, spending overnights in Maui and Kauai, and providing you with a unique perspective into Hawaii’s history and culture. Prices start at $959 per person, no airfare included.


This is quite a different cruise. With its fantasy scenarios, medieval villages and castles, you will experience a real-life fairytale through the Rhine River. It’s an intimate trip that will let you dive in the culture of the area, in a door-to-door travel experience. The ship docks for a good time, to allow walking around the shore – or even borrowing a bicycle from the ship. Prices start at $2,499 per person.


Small cruise, big time fun. With only 148 passengers, the service is very personalized and satisfying. You can choose between cruising among the Greek islands from Istanbul or from Athens, passing through Mykonos, Santorini, Bodrum and Kusadisi. Its laidback atmosphere may result very appealing to you. Prices start at $2,499 per person, no airfare included.


A fantastic trip! Starting from Papeete, Tahiti, this cruise visits the coral atolls of Raiatea and Tahaa, staying overnight at Bora Bora, Moorea and back to Papetee. Enjoy watersports without getting off the ship! With its retractable water-level marina platform, it offers a full range of scuba excursions. Informal, but still very elegant, this cruise is one of the best choices available in the market. Prices start at $2,999 per person… And this is the only one in the list that includes airfare for a suite. Isn’t that nice.

We hope this list helps you to choose the perfect cruise for your honeymoon. Let us know how your trip went, your comments are highly appreciated!

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