Call it a family holiday destination takeover family cruises have in the resent past surpassed other attraction spots like never before. More than a million families are now opting for family cruises and not going for the game drives or stays in five star hotels according to the cruise line international organization. The reason for this is simple, the cruises provide a more thrilling experience that is new as well as offering one a rare opportunity to engage in other activities such as sea diving and fishing. These are things that no one can get from other travel and leisure destinations.

However, you need to choose the best family cruises to get the most fun. Here are some of the best in the world.

1. The Royal Caribbean Oasis of The Sea

This is the world largest ship with a length of 361 meters and a height of 72 meters. It is said that this ship revolutionized the cruising experience, but that is an understatement if you have cruised on it. For families it has the largest kid’s area you can find anywhere. Spend time in the kid’s area with your kids watching the zip line and then sneak away for some private time with your spouse to the boardwalk to watch the acrobats do their thing in the aqua theater. Get back for some family time with your spouse and kids in the fine restaurants as you enjoy the delicious dishes prepared by the top cooks there are. (image by Aurora Cruises).

2. The Canal Breeze

This is one of the biggest cruises you will ever see; some have called it the “Larger than life ship”. Its biggest ship has waterslides making it ideal for families with little children. It is not only the waterslides that is exciting about this ship, they also have sky course ropes that will get anyone rolling in the aisles as they dangle you 150 meters above sea level. This cruise also has lively game shows where families can compete in stirring competitions like Yahtzee.

3. The Star Princes and The Golden Prince

If you want a cruising experience that will see you have fun as you also educate your children, the star princes is the cruise for you. This cruise will give you the best dining experience. You will sample the best dishes from anywhere in the world with staff dedicated to telling you the right menu to sample. The cruise also has a junior program for kids that your kids will learn about glaciers and native animals in America.

4. The Disney Fantasy and Disney Dreams

This cruise will leave you short for words to describe its amazing features. From the spectacular Disney show productions to the artworks, will all take your breath away. But the most exciting feature will be the Disney songs that will leave your kids humming all along. You and your family will enjoy the 700 foot ride the tubes, where you should get ready for twist and shout as you enjoy the adventure especially when you get wiped to the edges of the ship. (image by lemoncat1).

5. The Crystal Serenity

This offers the best cruising experience for parents who have most children under the ages of 18 and want to sail a lot. It has attractive promotions where kids under the age of eighteen cruise free of charge on selected sailings. What’s more? It has dedicated play areas and kid programing sections. They also have very luxurious and spacious rooms making them ideal for large families.

6.The Royal Princess

This cruise caters for the play needs of children of all ages. For young kids under the ages of 8, there is a dedicated open air play ground where the kids can play and ride on bicycles. Children in the ages between 8 and 12 have been provided with furnished open air spaces with living room like furniture and a host of indoor games like scrabble and chess. Teens on the other hand have been provided with a hip out door area that has lounger and wading pool.


The cruises provide an unforgettable holiday experience unmatched with whatever hotels, game parks or mountain climbing can offer. It is not easy to get bored, more so if you try different cruises. You however need to be someone who is not bored with large crowds as most of these cruises have many people on board.

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