Local Winter Sun

Winter Sun

Family holidays to Europe are often a great bargain at any time of the year. Thanks to regular low cost flights and a good understanding of our overseas cousins, they offer a relaxed and non-daunting destination whether you are flying as a single person or part of a group. To get a little winter sun can be a pricey and a somewhat scary prospect, as you cast your holiday-seeking eyes towards the far flung corners of the globe. You can venture into the exotic and take extravagant trips to see tribes and wild animals on a once-in-a-lifetime safari. Or if you would rather take the kids to a warm beach for an easy holiday making sandcastles, minus the vaccinations and complete with the option of keeping your life savings intact for a while, cheap holidays to Cyprus could well be right up your street.

Cyprus is a popular destination at any time of the year. Towards the winter months, when the scorching temperatures are a little less fierce, this versatile country makes a great family holiday with just the the right combination of beach, sun, sea and great entertainment. The Canaries are another favorite for a warm winter break as their temperatures are quite reasonable all year round. As always the likes of Tenerife and Lanzarote can make up in nightlife whatever is lost in climate.

All of these destinations are very affordable and you can choose to book low-cost holidays, or splash out a little more and make it a luxurious trip away. In all of the above destinations, you can choose whether you want to be all inclusive, part or full board or self catering, leaving you to mix and match your holiday according to your tastes and budget.

There are plenty of options for winter sun and many are less than four hours’ flight away. Keeping it local and keeping it easy is definitely the way to go.

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