Railway transport is the simplest and cheapest means of transport around the globe. This feature makes it one of the most used means of transport due to its reliability and convenience. Railway transport was discovered even before aero planes and automobiles came into use. In some countries it’s still one of the standard modes of travel while in others it remains a fairly popular alternative. For a traveler who would consider using a train as a means of transport while exploring the world, it is very much important to consider some of the traveling tips that will not only make your travel safe, but it will also turn into a luxurious and enjoyable journey. Here is what you need to know about traveling by train- from planning your trip to buying tickets and getting most of your travel buck.


For a traveler hoping for the best travel, it has to start from you. This is done through research in websites and even consulting people about the best trains with reliable services and speed of your choice. Alternatively, if a station has information desk take advantage of it and use it to plan your trip. You can also find information about the departing train by consulting yellow posters at the stations.

Booking Tickets in Advance

It is always advisable to book train tickets in advance. It can be very expensive to travel by train in some countries especially high speed trains but more convenient than flying. Booking in advance greatly assist through substantial discount which is normally offered. You should also enquire on how the fares are charged, for example, some countries calculate fares by market not by distance. Therefore, it is important to buy tickets before joining the train or else you may have to pay a higher fare or a fine or even face imprisonment.

Check Validity

It is important to consult on the usage of tickets because in many countries you are required to validate your ticket before you get on the train. This prevents multiple use of ticket, especially if the ticket is regional and valid for 90 days

Check the Facilities Offered by trains

It is very much recommended to use trains while covering long distances. Long distance trains often have restaurants or even café cars. Medium distance trains rely on a cart carrying sandwiches, snacks, drinks and even coffee. Regional trains often carry no food or beverage. This information will greatly assist the traveler on which type to use in relation to which distance he or she is covering.

Save Money on Overnight Trains

For travelers who would wish to save every single penny it is quite important to consider traveling by overnight trains. This is due to services provided in the trains such as meals and drinks which are supplied at a cheap fee. You will also save a hotel and a day of travel.

Be Careful with Your Luggage

Trains are bustling places, especially in the large cities. Theft is everywhere so take care of your wallet and baggage. Don’t let anyone offer to help you with your luggage once you are off the train. It is advisable to look for taxis which are normally found outside the station to the taxi stand.

Considering all these important tips will make it a successful train travel to a place of your choice. People learn by experience, try railway transport and you will have all the pleasure. Do you need stunning moments exploring the air, get to learn about parachuting or skydiving.

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