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It’s fascinating to hop on a plane and just explore the world on your own or with your friends. It’s that time of the year again when people are busy making bucket lists and planning their next destination. If you’re still wondering what country to visit in 2015, here’s a short list to help you decide.


Japan is a hub for everything modern and high tech. From their technologically advanced toilets (sit down on a warm seat and listen to music while doing your thing) to awesome bullet trains, you’ll surely be dreading the day when it’s time to go back to your own country. There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Japan, making it one of the well-loved destinations of travelers. Experience the rich flavors of Japanese rice wine, or indulge in one of their Japanese Onsens (bathhouses) to relax your tired body after a day or night of exploring the concrete jungle of Japan.


Do you want spectacular beaches and a unique wildlife? Then, Australia should be included in your destinations next year. Experience the Aussie tradition of throwing a barbeque, take a tour around wine regions in Adelaide and Sydney, and surf and frolic in the beautiful beaches of Bondi Beach.You might also want to consider spending your Christmas holidays next year in Australia, when it’s also the start of the summer holidays.


It’s best to visit this beautiful country preferably in the summer as Ireland is known for heavy rains. But nevertheless, you must go see the enchanting castles where you can pretend to be King or Queen for the day. Visit the Blarney Castle and kiss the famous Blarney Stone to receive the gift of eloquence. Where else can you quench your thirst for Guinness but at the Gravity Bar with its breathtaking view of Dublin.


Take a whiff of the Mediterranean Sea in a culturally-rich country like Tunisia. Aside from exploring their beautiful white sand beaches, it’s a must to climb the majestic Chaambi Mountain, Tunisia’s highest mountain, if you’re into more challenging adventures. While riding the safari jeep, don’t forget to drop by El Jem, a well-preserved amphitheater that used to hold 35,000 people! If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars, it’s a must to visit KsarHadada, the location of The Phantom Menace scenes and Chott El Jerid, another location for the Star Wars movie.

The Philippines

Having trouble expressing yourself in a country’s native tongue? Well, in the Philippines, you don’t need to worry about language barrier as almost everybody you meet in the country’s 7,100 islands knows how to speak English. You get to explore the country like a local without worrying about getting lost, as people in this country are as friendly as your neighbor. You must not miss the paradise beaches, and delicious native food as well.


Shopping shouldn’t be the only thing you should do while walking down Singapore’s famous Orchard Road. There are plenty of reasons to travel to Singapore next year with the recent additions of developments in 2012 such as Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Cove and the Marina Bay Cruise Center. But if shopping is the only thing you came for, you won’t be disappointed as shopping seems to be an average Singaporean’s favorite pastime.


If you have a love for flora, you will love Morocco’s traditional houses called riads. These buildings have interior gardens that are known around the world for their beauty. Tired of your cold country? It’s time to visit and bask in the hot sun and have fun and relax along the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts. Take the famous Sahara Desert camel tours or if you’re not comfortable with that, a 4×4 jeep tour will be perfect for you. If you want to enjoy the scenery, however, a camel ride is still best.

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