Going the Extra Mile: The Top Long Haul Destinations for 2019

When booking a summer or winter getaway, it can be easy to head straight back to your favourite tried and tested destinations, especially if you’ve only got a few days off of work to enjoy your break.

However, long haul destinations can offer a great alternative to short haul holidays, giving you that extra touch of the exotic that every foreign adventure needs.

St Lucia

Lying in the eastern Caribbean Sea, surrounded by stunning beaches and covered with lush vegetation, St Lucia looks like the archetypal island paradise and once you set foot on this idyllic Caribbean destination, you won’t be disappointed!

Boasting a vibrant culture, a unique cuisine and some of the best resorts in the world, St Lucia is definitely worth going out of your way for.


This tiny Indian state has long been a favourite of long distance travellers, and when you sea the beaches, the architecture and the weather you’ll understand why.

Offering a mixture of luxury and budget accommodation, Goa has holiday options to suit everyone and is perfect for both romantic getaways and family holidays alike. If you’re a keen foodie, a visit to Goa will be a dream come true as the state is world famous for its delicious fish curries and fresh flavours.


Blessed with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, Mexico has more than its fair share of stunning beaches.

As with Goa, Mexican food is world famous and as going out for dinner is very affordable you can treat yourself to a few slap up meals during your stay. Like all long haul destinations, ThomasCook single trip insurance will probably be your best travel insurance solution if taking one single holiday to a far-flung destination.

The Gambia

When you think of long haul destinations, the Gambia may not be the first place that springs to mind but this tiny West African nation is fast becoming an exotic holiday hotspot.

Apart form its sandy beaches and great weather, a major benefit of choosing the Gambia is that, unlike other long haul destinations, there’s no jet lag so you can get stuck into your holiday straight away.

Next time you’re browsing the internet in search of holiday inspiration, don’t be afraid to think a little further afield and choose and exciting destination that it’s worth going to extra mile to visit.

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