How Cheap Can Food Get?

We all love eating. Right? But how many of us actually visited one of those really expensive restaurants that you see in the movies that require a month in advance reservation and a very fat wallet? And for some reason, the more you pay, the smaller the dish. Amazing! I always told myself no matter how rich I get, I will never spend that much money on food. This food might be great and awesome but how can I swallow while knowing that each bite costs me no less than $20. On the other hand, some of you will call me cheap. It’s OK because I am.

Fried grasshoppers in Cambodia

While economically traveling the world, one the great things is finding places to eat for cheap. The cheaper it is, the better. I have been in countries where you got a 4 course meal for 1 dollar! Yes, no typo here. $1 for salad buffet, a dish of potato patties, main course that includes also chicken or beef, and a great dessert of fresh fruits topped with fresh yogurt. Unbelievable! Where I come from, this amount doesn’t even cover a chewing gum.
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The great Ceviche of Peru

While I stayed in La Paz, Bolivia for two weeks, I used to visit the local market where there are rows and rows of small kiosks that sells local cheap cuisine. From to time, I took some travelers I met at the hostel over there and got not-so-happy faces when they saw what they saw. They were not so thrilled to deep their tongues into these dishes. Of course when you pay 50 cents for a meal, the meal will not be anything like KFC in the US or You and Me restaurant in London. There is not doubt and price comes usually with quality.

But…but the biggest question to be ask here is “How strong is you stomach???” Unfortunately, many travelers who ‘dare” new food, especially new and cheap food, get it. On a better case scenario, few days of close relationship with the toilet. On the worst case,… the angels are the limit. So make sure you cover you back against any health problems by getting an annual travel health insurance for your family. I personally tried almost everything from anyone who offered so-called food for exchange to the change in my wallet. I eat ant soup, spiders, flies and you name it… and not even once did my stomach suffered. How lucky was I?

As we are now in Cambodia, the food is not as cheap as in Bolivia but is very affordable. For $1 you will not get 4 course meal but can get a great and decent plate of fried rice with vegetable and meat which comes with a small soup on the side and oh.. free ice tea… Enjoy!

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