What Else Can I Ask In Life?

‘What else can I ask in life?’ I am asking myself while sitting here on a lawn chair in a quite beach, nibbling on freshly cut mango, reading a great book, and surrounded by white sand beaches. What a man that just turned 43 can ask after having all this kind of life? It makes feel greedy to want more. I am perfectly healthy (as far as I know), little overweight, don’t really have to worry about work (not because I am rich), don’t have to worry about things like… taxes, errands, traffic jams, waiting in line, being told by the government what I should or shouldn’t do, social security, IRS, or from my next meal will come from. I just have it all! So again, I am asking myself “Kobi, what else do you want in life?”

Two days ago, I turned 43. A lot of people I meet on road guessed my age to be 35-36. Very flattering to me. But what I want to share here is my great time I am having here in south Cambodia, a beach called Otres. I had arrived here 4 days ago and ALONE. Yes, you heard it right, alone. In order to keep sanity in ourselves and our lives, Gabi and I from time to time take some time alone. We go anywhere we wish for few days and take our time to do whatever. Here, in Otres beach, i found a $5 bungalow right off the beach at a place called Dany’s Beach Club. There is nothing “clubi” about this place beside the fact that it is very nice quite. The whole beach is nice and quit. From doing almost nothing all day, I am exhausted. And while I laying here all relaxed, I get to think about my life.

We took a daring decision to leave everything behind and travel as a family. As you can guess, not everything about travel is painted in pink. Actually, nothing in life is painted all in pink. I guess that people who are traveling alone or with someone, is dealing with difficulties on the road as much as traveling families. While I am with my family, I don’t deal with loneliness but deal with sometimes with suffocation and insanity. But I am alone like now, I am dealing with loneliness and thoughts about my existence.

What Else Can I Ask In Life?

I am thinking about all I have in life and where I am going from this point. What do you want in life. Sometimes, I take the whole trip for granted but from time to time I wake up and realize how lucky I am; how lucky I am to be here on this beach worries free. How fortunate I am to watch the sun set behind the waived horizon and think about nothing but its beauty. How blessed I am to be able to afford such a life and be healthy enough to accept them and live them. With that, nothing in my end is taken for granted. Not this life, not my family, not my health, and not Gabi. I know that tomorrow all can change in a blink of an eye. My tomorrow can look all different and I know it. I have not control what is to come and what the universe had cooked for me in the back stage. But whatever will come, I will deal. But today, I am here, on this beach having a blast! And that what is really matter.

Bottom line: I wish myself to keep being who I am and keep doing what I do.

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