Compared to other European destinations, the United Kingdom is one of the most expensive places to visit. The main reason is mainly due to the fact that United Kingdom has the world’s highest average salary. It can also be due to the relatively high value of the Sterling in relation to other currencies. However, those visiting from the Euro zone can find prices relatively fair or cheaper especially for travelling, petrol or even food.


Using a car to travel in UK is not considered to help budget traveling especially due to the high cost of fuel. The most recommended mean of transport is by use of rail or coaches. When traveling on a budget, ensure you get advance rail tickets that can be purchased from any train company. These rail tickets are only valid on the booked train. Avoid buying them from resellers who can add additional cost. National Express provides coach services. You can also get discounted about a third of the train fares if you are eligible for the Young person Railcard for people between 16 to 24 years or even the Senior Railcard. Car rental Newcastle is also a great option while in Newcastle as well as other car rental services in other cities around UK.

Travel cards

These are the most economical ways of travel when you are staying in London. It is advised that you avoid buying individual tickets as they will only dig into your budget. The best alternative is getting an electronic cash card known as the Oystercard that contains a daily cap of all your daily traveling fees. The costs are a bit more flexible as compared to the daily travel card. Non UK residents can also use the BritRail Pass that offers unlimited rail travel on the entire UK Rail network. This pass is valid on all the rail companies found in UK and allows traveling for a set period of time.

Dining and Accommodation

Prices in the capital city, London can be high, almost double what you spend in other cities such as Newcastle or Manchester. London is in fact the most expensive city in the world to live, despite the fact that most of the museums found in the city offer free entry. Hotels in the city are usually booked even weeks in advance offering short windows for booking. When on a budget, it is recommended that you stay in a bed and breakfast as it also provides a more personal and reasonable experience. Accommodation is also available in campsites which mainly cater for the caravans. Farmers also offer their fallow fields for camping and provide cheap or even free foods such as eggs, vegetables and freshly baked breads. Over the vacations, some university offers their halls of residence at cheap rates.

Places to Visit

To earn a free entry as well as free parking to all the National Trust venues, you can purchase a 14 days pass specifically for the National Trust. The National Trust runs most of the property in UK including country houses, Stately homes and even castles. Before purchasing it, ensure that the places you plan to visit are part of the National Trust.

It is important that you check all the available options before traveling to any destination. This is especially if you are traveling on a budget. Ensure that you research in advanced to avoid any unnecessary costs that might spoil your vacation.

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