Jungle Expeditions – 5 South American Countries- Hit the Road Jack!

The continent of South America is covered in dense rain forests and rivers that run across the length of the continent. This is a great place to explore after my previous discussion about 7 great destinations in Asia. The landscape of South America makes it the most photographed place on Earth and is also one of the most visited places on Earth for jungle excursions. Some of the best trips can be had at any of the following countries.


This great country is the best when it comes to anything involving rainforests and wildlife. Brazil offers various activities like, piranha fishing, dolphin watching, alligator spotting, spear fishing, canoeing and many other wonderful experiences. There is no limit in Brazil when it involves nature. There is so much to see and the organized treks through the forest and wildlife usually takes up to four days to complete. The important thing to remember is to carry insect repellent or you might end up with malaria. Taking in the nature around you on one of these trips shows you just how much this country has to offer apart from soccer.


The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest is rich in bio diversity and ranks as one of the top most bio-diverse countries in the world. Most of the Ecuadorian wildlife and forests is unexplored which is really special to the tourists as they wish to experience nature at its finest. The region is teaming with five hundred plus species of birds. There are various species of tree dwelling monkeys that can be found here as well and the fauna around this region is something that will leave you satisfied for a long time. The Indian people that inhabit this land are a wonderful sight as well which shows people how untouched the land really is.


Colombia is another rich and colorful country that prides itself in the nature that South America s a continent has given it. Expeditions through the Colombian rainforest can offer people a chance to witness nature at its best as most of this land is open and untouched by humans such as Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City). Trekking through this land can lead you to Monkey Island where hundreds of different species of monkeys can be seen and interacted with as well.


This country is country known for pristine waterfalls and spectacular forests and wildlife. Jungle trips through this country are usually guided by the natives who make sure that every person of any age is given the joy of the forest. Many species of birds and fauna are the highlight of trips through the Venezuelan forests. Having a hammock with you might come in handy as you can just relax for a bit near a gentle waterfall while listening to the birds around you.


The country of Peru is one of the most untouched countries in the continent of South America. Almost two thirds of the country is covered in thick rainforests and trekking through here is anything but boring and cliché. Peru offers something vastly different from any other country in South America. It offers truly the largest area of natural forests and wildlife. Choosing the perfect route to take or where to finish the trip can be quite a task.

These five countries offer South America’s best and most memorable expedition tours in the world and no one will be left unsatisfied. If you are a budget traveler, remember to read these great budget travel tips and cheap food ideas.

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