7 Milan Rooftop Bars for the Best Sky-High Experiences

Milan Rooftop Bars

Close your eyes. Now imagine yourself at the helm of Milan’s sparkling skyline, a crafted cocktail in your grasp. Below, the ever-stirring dance of Milan’s city lights rivals the tapestry of stars overhead. You’re soaking up the quintessential Italian summer, the promise of unforgettable moments whispering in the breeze. Welcome, dear travelers, to the enchanted world of Milan’s rooftop bars!

Venturing to Milan isn’t simply about admiring Da Vinci’s masterpieces or wandering the corridors of high fashion houses. There’s an oft-overlooked facet of this vibrant city, a treasure waiting at the top…quite literally. The rooftop bars in Milan serve you an intoxicating blend of bubbly drinks, breathtaking vistas, and an atmosphere that’s aching to share its secrets.

Why the focus on just seven of them, you ask? Well, in our grand journey across Milan, we’ve raised our glasses at bars nestled atop historic edifices and chic modern towers, some overlooking the iconic Duomo, others offering a panoramic city view. Among them, we’ve chosen these seven rooftop bars for their unique ability to blend an unrivaled ambiance, stunning views, tantalizing menus, and an enchanting story that the city whispers to you, under the Italian sky.

Whether it’s your first visit to this fashionable city or you’re a seasoned Milanese visitor, our chosen rooftop bars offer a refreshing perspective to Milan. From the sultry allure of Ceresio 7 to the captivating view from Terrazza Gallia; from the contagious energy of Radio Rooftop Milan to the splendor of views atop La Rinascente—we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey. Accompany us as we visit our handpicked Milanese heavens: Sky Terrace Bar, The Street Milano Duomo | a Design Hotel, and the charming Hotel Milano Scala.

Come, let us whisk you away, past bustling piazzas, towering gothic spires, and through a cascade of city lights to where Milan embraces the stars. It’s time to discover Milan’s best rooftop bars, each holding out a crystal toast to the sky. Are you ready to savor the Milanese skyline in style? Andiamo! Let’s go.

Elevating Nightlife: Milan’s Spectacular Rooftop Bar Scene

As the sun dips below the horizon, glistening off the intricate mosaics of the Duomo di Milano, an enchanting shadow-play commences in Italy’s fashion capital. Where? High above the bustling heart of the city, we find our perch on the mesmerizing terrace of a Milan rooftop bar!

Enclosed by the comforting warmth of a velveteen evening breeze, gazing upon a sprawling cityscape lit by stars and streets alike, here lies the epicenter of an impressive Milanese culture—the exalted rooftop bar scene.

A Glimpse into the Past

Though today they blister with radiance and allure, Milan’s rooftop bars weren’t always the hub of nightlife. As the city grew upwards, reaching for the skies in a play of architectural advancement in the mid-20th century, these structures—many housing luxury hotels—formed the backbone of Milan’s unique cityscape.

However, it wasn’t until a growing demand for unique drinking spots coupled with a climate suitable for outdoor sipping that these rooftops began their transformative journey. Space-starved and innovation-rich proprietors began turning these lofty spaces into bars, dramatically unveiling nocturnal panoramic views of Milan that had hitherto been privy to only a few.

The Unique Strand of Milan’s Rooftop Bars

So, what sets the Milan rooftop bars scene apart? As it turns out, quite a bit.

A Visually Arresting Canvas

Breathtaking views clearly rank at the top. Be it the glowing, gothic grandeur of the Duomo or the modern, reflective sensation of the Porta Nuova skyline, Milan rooftop bars offer an alluring vantage point. From up here, the colorful tapestry of Milan unwraps itself beneath your feet—old and new, history and innovation, all peacefully coexisting in one sweeping glance.

A Symphony of Flavors

Milan, a city famed for its delightful gastronomical experiences, extends this legacy to its sky-high bars. The cuisine served varies vastly, from exquisite Milanese risotto and ossobuco to a simple yet delectable selection of aperitivo. The carefully curated cocktails are nothing short of works of art, competing with the views for your attention.

An Intangible Atmosphere

Equally vibrant whether it’s under the warm sun of a lazy afternoon or twinkling starlight, the ambiance of Milan’s rooftop bars is truly unique. It’s a place where tourists and locals, lovebirds and friends, all clink glasses against the awe-inspiring backdrop of a city that, from this perch, seems both incredibly intimate and wonderfully vast.

Well, travelers, we have only just skimmed the frothy surface of the Milan rooftop bar culture, each bar a unique story coiled and ready to unfurl. The journey is long and enticing, so make sure you’re ready for a dizzying ride through the city’s best-kept secrets, hidden high above its sun-soaked streets. Secure your passports and let’s climb skywards—to Milan’s captivating rooftop bars! Cheers, or as the Italians would say, Salute!

A Toast to Milan: A Voyage Through Seven Exquisite Rooftop Bars

Tiptoeing upon the skyline of Italy’s cosmopolitan marvel, seven dazzling rooftop bars beacon to be discovered. From architectural wonders to spectacular views, let us take you on a sky-high adventure, cherishing the finest drinks and captivating ambiences that only Milan’s rooftop bars can offer!

1. Ceresio 7 Pools & Restaurant

Location & Description: Residing atop a historical 1930s building in the fashionable Via Ceresio, the Ceresio 7 sets an art deco tone that is as luxurious as it is inviting. Venture through lush greenery to enter a retro haven of poolside glamour illuminating the vibrant Milanese skyline.

Special Features: Basking in the glow of the sunset, you can feast your eyes on the 360-degree view, sipping on masterfully crafted cocktails prepared by the master bartenders. Indulge in delicious Italian fine dining, focusing on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Visitor’s Experiences: “Ceresio 7 is an enchanting escape. The panoramic view, exceptional drinks, and inviting atmosphere create memories that linger!” – Valentina, São Paulo.

2. Terrazza Gallia

Location & Description: Perched atop the exquisite Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Terrazza Gallia is elegance personified. Marvel at the breathtaking views of Central Station and the contemporary chic design by renowned Italian architects, while basking in the glamour of a bygone era.

Special Features: Enjoy the sumptuous menu, crafted with traditional Italian flavors and modern flare, as you sip on signature cocktails devised by an award-winning mixologist. A quintessential Milanese experience with a panoramic view awaits you.

Visitor’s Experiences: “Terrazza Gallia is the epitome of understated luxury, treating our senses to both gastronomic and visual delights!” – Richard, London.

3. Radio Rooftop Milan

Location & Description: Nestled atop the avant-garde ME Milan Il Duca Hotel, this bustling oasis draws a cosmopolitan crowd with its urban chic aesthetic and panoramic views of the Porta Nuova skyline. Radiate with excitement as you dance the night away to curated DJ sets!

Special Features: Relish the eclectic mix of innovative cocktails, complemented with a fusion of international flavors, as you absorb the city’s infectious energy from this contemporary hotspot.

Visitor’s Experiences: “Radio Rooftop is a lively jewel in Milan’s nightlife crown. The sizzling atmosphere and inventive drinks made for an unforgettable evening!” – Eliza, New York.

4. La Rinascente

Location & Description: Piercing the sky above the iconic La Rinascente department store, this rooftop bar promises an intimate escape from the city bustle. With the awe-inspiring Duomo as your backdrop, let the welcoming charm sweep you off your feet.

Special Features: With a vantage point unlike any other, be captivated by the Gothic architecture as you sip on classic Italian cocktails accompanied by mouth-watering aperitivo.

Visitor’s Experiences: “La Rinascente brings you up close and personal with Milan’s most exquisite landmark. The atmosphere is warm and the drinks superb!” – Isabella, Melbourne.

5. Sky Terrace Bar

Location & Description: Suspended high above the entrancing Navigli district, Sky Terrace Bar’s sophisticated atmosphere is amplified by the remarkable blend of Milan’s skyline with the flowing waterways below.

Special Features: Revel in the sunset hues, indulging in enticing cocktails and local culinary treats as you watch the city unfurl beneath your gaze at this understated gem.

Visitor’s Experiences: “Sky Terrace Bar’s stunning views and vibrant atmosphere swept us off our feet. Pure magic!” – Yoshiko, Tokyo.

6. The Street Milano Duomo | a Design Hotel

Location & Description: Poised a stone’s throw away from the exquisite Duomo, this stylish rooftop bar invites connoisseurs of innovative design and mesmerizing views to embark on a truly unique journey.

Special Features: Savor imaginative cocktails in the warm embrace of a sophisticated setting, as the lively spirit of nearby Corso Vittorio Emanuele II envelops you.

Visitor’s Experiences: “The perfect blend of design, location, and atmosphere – The Street Milano Duomo is a hidden treasure I can’t wait to revisit!” – Diego, Buenos Aires.

7. Hotel Milano Scala

Location & Description: Serenading you with its green soul, the Hotel Milano Scala boasts a charming rooftop garden that stands tall among the iconic Brera district. A gentle oasis, this bar invites you to linger within its verdant embrace.

Special Features: Indulge in organic, locally sourced dishes while sipping on delightful cocktails forged from authentic Italian flavors, as you immerse yourself in a symphony of greenery.

Visitor’s Experiences: “A verdant sanctuary, Hotel Milano Scala’s rooftop garden captivated us with its unique charm and unforgettable flavors!” – Samantha, Cape Town.

So, dear explorers, we have unfurled the enticing canvas of Milan’s rooftop bars, curated to enthrall you on your Milanese sojourn. So, grab your passports and embark on an elevated adventure, each sip bringing you closer to the heart of this alluring metropolis. Salute, and happy travels!

Discover The Skyward Sophistication: Milan’s Extraordinary Rooftop Bars

Step into the world of Milan, a bustling metropolis of staggering beauty, where narrow alleyways twist into grandiose boulevards, revealing architectural wonders nestled between cafes spilling over with camaraderie and laughter. However, the city’s enchantment isn’t confined to the ground; it flows skyward, perching atop the massive edifices where the Milanese nightlife blossoms on breathtaking rooftop bars.

The Quintessential Urban Blend: Vibrant and Serene

Milan is an amalgamation of old-world charm seamlessly blended with a thriving modern metropolis. This beautiful juxtaposition becomes more exhilarating from the city’s skyscrapers, each rooftop bar providing a unique snapshot of the cityscape beneath ethereal skies.

The quintessential Milanese skyline, lit under the twilight glow, is truly a sight to behold, where the towering structures provide an ideal backdrop that evokes wonder. However, the real magic begins as dusk falls and Milan is bathed in a silky blanket of stars. This dramatic change sets the tone for an ethereal bar experience that is unrivalled, turning each of Milan’s rooftop bars into a heavenly haven of tranquility.

Pulsating with Culture

As the epicenter of Italian fashion and design, Milan’s rooftop bars possess a distinctive cultural appeal. Each venue carries a hint of the city’s vibrancy, offset by a decidedly laid-back atmosphere. Traditional Milanese fashion seeps into the ambiance of each rooftop bar, the chic decor a testament to the city’s dedication to aesthetics and a reflection of its cosmopolitan spirit.

Experiences Worth Savoring

When you ascend to Milan’s rooftop bars, you’re in for a delightful surprise. These spaces are designed to captivate, offering an immersive experience with live music, mouthwatering Milanese cuisine, and artfully crafted cocktails. Every visit is a captivating medley of fine drink, exquisite food, and lively conversation – a sensory journey that is tantalizingly Milanese at its core.

Timeless Elegance meets Modern Energy

Underneath the sweeping skyscape, draped in twinkling city lights, Milan rooftop bars effortlessly combine timeless elegance with modern energy. Here, the routine act of dining transforms into an unforgettable experience. The soft, rhythmic Italian music melds with the clinking of cocktail glasses, echoing lively conversations bubbling over exquisite meals, creating an atmosphere that is distinctly Milanese.

In essence, what makes Milan’s rooftop bars unique is more than just their geographic location. It’s their ability to encapsulate the spirit of the city, showing you its beating heart in a comfortable environment where you can unwind, ponder over the day’s adventures and plan the journey yet to come. So next time you find yourself in Milan, remember to look up – your adventure is just getting started!

Extend Your Milan Adventures: Captivating Spots for Curious Explorers

After you’ve soaked in the twilight beauty of Milan gazing from one of its dazzling rooftop bars, the city unfurls a treasure trove of other intriguing attractions just waiting to be discovered. From centuries-old architectural marvels to bustling markets spilling with local produce, we’ve got you covered on your next mesmerizing itinerary through the heart of Lombardy.

1. The Grandeur of Duomo di Milano

Breathtakingly ornate, the stunning Duomo di Milano is an architectural masterpiece that could easily consume hours of awe-stricken exploration. With more than 3,000 statues adorning its spires and walls, you could wander the cathedral’s interior or brave the steps to its roof for yet another enchanting skyline view.

2. The Tranquility of Parco Sempione

What better way to unwind after a day of sightseeing than a stroll through the tranquil setting of Parco Sempione. Adorned with charming ponds and winding trails, the park offers a chic retreat from the city bustle. Don’t forget to visit the Arco della Pace, a stunning piece of architecture located at the park’s edge.

3. The Historical Narrative of Santa Maria delle Grazie

Replete with historical significance, the Santa Maria delle Grazie is famous as the home of “The Last Supper” – one of da Vinci’s most renowned works. Tour bookings are essential here. Be sure to reserve your spot well in advance!

4. The Shopper’s Paradise: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Housing some of the city’s most luxurious boutiques, the glamorous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a shopper’s dream come true. Even if shopping is not on your agenda, the Galleria’s stunning design and bustling cafes make it worth the visit.

5. The Creative Corners of Brera District

Known as the artistic heart of the city, wandering the bohemian streets of the Brera District is nothing short of delightful. Pop into various artisan shops, explore Pinacoteca di Brera, an art gallery hosting an impressive collection of Italian Renaissance art, or simply enjoy a gelato while soaking up the atmosphere.

6. Navigli – The Venice of Milan

End your day exploring the picturesque Navigli district, renowned for its expansive network of navigable and interconnected canals. The area boasts an array of quaint cafes, charming boutiques, and lively pubs. A must-do in Navigli is the delightful antique market that comes alive every last Sunday of the month – a perfect spot for picking up keepsakes.

So there you have it fellow adventurers, a glimpse into the myriad wonders that Milan holds. Beyond its beguiling rooftop bars, let yourself be entranced by these unforgettable experiences on your journey, immersing in the city’s rich cultural tapestry, one dazzling moment at a time! Happy exploring, my friends.


As we journey towards the conclusion of this vivid Milanese escapade, let us pause and take a moment to look back at these illustrious rooftop bars – seven crowning jewels in the city’s shimmering crown. Through our words, we’ve travelled together, ascended the winding steps, walked across their cool, marble floors, and gazed upon the starlit Milanese wonder from these extraordinary heights.

Oh, the magic that has unfolded! The views that took our breath away, the whispers of history echoing in our ears, the cocktails that danced on our tongues and, above all, the shared laughter and stories which burgeoned under these expansive Lombardian skies. It’s the quintessential Milanese experience, bridging the warmth of the ground’s bustling streets and the tranquil beauty of the sky.

What binds our stellar seven together is their embodiment of Milan’s spirit – a city that, amid its ceaseless hustle and bustle, has immortalised its love for life in every brick and stone of its skyline.

Think about it:

  • The heartbeat of the city unveiled through the sparkling panorama of Duomo di Milano vistas.
  • The quiet retreats of Parco Sempione, offering solace to those seeking solitude amidst the city’s vibrant pulse.
  • Santa Maria Delle Grazie, a historical wonder speaking volumes of the city’s rich past.
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, promising a shopping extravaganza unparalleled.
  • The creative alcoves of the Brera District, housing the city’s artistic heritage.
  • The tranquil canals of Navigli, weaving tales of Italian romance around every bend.

Each stop consonants “Milan”, their distinct flavors intermingling to capture the essence of this modern yet historical city, each sounding an alluring, irresistible call to adventurers around the globe.

Now, you’re familiar with the symphony of flavors Milan’s rooftop bars offer – from Mediterranean morsels to bespoke cocktail delights, each element infused with cultural narrative and local tradition.

We hope our humble narrative has provoked your wanderlust, stirring a desire to step away from your daily routine, to seek a thrilling journey towards Milan’s rooftops, where life happens not just under the sky, but with the sky — a perfect opportunity to embrace Italian la dolce vita.

Consider this a warm and heartfelt invitation from Milan herself – your Italian adventure is just a skyward glance away. And while you’re here, don’t forget to raise a glass to the twinkling skyline from one of these magnificent rooftop bars, it’s an essential rite of passage for any explorer in Milan. Ci vediamo presto, my friends. See you soon!

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