The 14 Must-See Parishes in Jamaica


Known for its breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture, Jamaica is divided into fourteen different administrative divisions, known as temples Like states or provinces in other countries, each of these temples has a unique character and history . . . .

What are temples and why are they important?

In this case, a parish refers to a narrow political division similar to a county or district elsewhere. Parishes are of great importance in Jamaica because they represent the devolution of administrative functions, allowing each area to preserve and highlight its unique cultural and historical characteristics

These districts in Jamaica are not just administrative markers, but each carries its own cultural and historical imprint, contributing to a collective Jamaican identity This makes each parish in Jamaica simultaneously unique and uniquely Jamaican in.

Jamaican temples & their unique culture and history

Jamaican parishes include Kingston, St Andrew, St Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester, St Elizabeth, Westmoreland, Hanover, St James, Trelawney, St Anne, St Mary, Portland and St Thomas Each of these parishes has cultural resources unique and historical information:

  • Kingston, the little church, is the capital of Jamaica and home to the famous Bob Marley Museum.
  • St Andrew’s, around Kingston, is home to many historic sites and is the residence of the prime minister of Jamaica.
  • St. Louis is known as the Thomas as local history, including Morant Point Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Jamaica.

To truly appreciate and understand Jamaica’s diverse landscapes, cultural resources and historical events, it is certainly necessary to explore its churches

Why Visit Jamaica?

Replete with turquoise beaches, verdant mountains, and lush rainforests, Jamaica is a naturally captivating island. However, the real allure goes beyond the scenic beauty. The island is deeply ingrained with a rich culture and amicable locals, thus providing an immersive experience to visitors.

The delectable Jamaican cuisine, ranging from jerk chicken to ackee and saltfish, adds another unforgettable dimension to the journey. Sport is deeply revered in Jamaica, with cricket and athletics, particularly track and field, being followed passionately.

The unique history and culture within each parish, coupled with the country’s natural splendor and culinary delights, culminate into an enticing invitation to visit and explore Jamaica.

There are 14 temples to see in Jamaica

Written by Kingston

the capital of Jamaica

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, stands as a populous urban center of historical and cultural importance. Its offerings include renowned attractions such as the Bob Marley Museum and Devon House, which showcase its vibrant cultural energy.

Exciting nightlife

The charm of the capital comes from a vibrant nightlife filled with music, dancing and the vibrant spirit of Jamaica, an experience worthy of every visitor

St. Andrew’s

A thriving church

St. Located on the borders of Kingston, St. Andrew’s is an affluent chapel decorated with beautiful homes and lush gardens, giving off a sense of peace and luxury

Home of the Blue Mountains

Located on the spectacular Blue Mountain, the temple offers a beautiful view of the island and is a popular destination for tourists, especially those interested in trekking and nature exploration

St. Catherine

The largest temple

Since St. Louis is a city. Catherine’s claims the title of Jamaica’s cathedral for its rich history and diverse landscape.

Many historic sites

Highlights such as Spanish Town and Fort Charles lie here, a testament to the parish’s past history, with roots dating back to Spanish and British colonial times.


Land of Agricultural Bounty

Clarendon is primarily known for its extensive agricultural production, with major crops including sugar cane and bananas.

Historical Plantations and Nature

A plethora of historical plantations, great houses, waterfalls, and hiking trails can be found here, making it a pleasing merge of nature and history for visitors.


A Central Parish

Occupying a central position on the island, Manchester is characterized by a mountainous interior and a stunning coastal region.

Nature-Infused Attractions

Attractions such as the Mandeville Falls and the Cockpit Country offer natural vistas for visitors. Apart from its unique geographical features, the parish is lauded for its cool climate and congenial locals.

St. Elizabeth

A Rugged Southwestern Parish

St. Elizabeth, situated in the southwestern region of Jamaica, features a striking rugged coastline and mountainous interior, beckoning nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike.

Beautiful Beaches and Mineral Springs

  • Treasure Beach
  • Alligator Pond

St. Elizabeth boasts numerous picturesque beaches, such as Treasure Beach and Alligator Pond, and is known for its distinctive black sand beaches and rejuvenating mineral springs.


Jamaica’s Westernmost Parish

Westmoreland claims the westernmost point of Jamaica, and gifts visitors a laid-back atmosphere and a thriving reggae music scene.

Popular Tourist Destination: Negril

Negril, a highly popular tourist destination, is home to the illustrious Seven Mile Beach, a stretch of pristine sand and turquoise waters that attracts visitors from around the world.


A Northwestern Blend of Landscapes

This northwestern parish presents a captivating blend of landscapes such as beaches, mountains, and rivers.

Historic Town: Lucea

Lucea, a historic town replete with colonial buildings, nestles within the borders of Hanover. The parish is revered for its relaxed atmosphere and amicable residents.

St. James

A Tourist-Haven on the North Coast

A north coast parish, St. James hosts various popular tourist destinations such as Montego Bay and Falmouth, making it a vibrant and lively area for visitors.

Beaches, Resorts, and Nightlife

With a myriad of beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, and splendid golf courses, St. James pulsates with energy, particularly due to its thriving nightlife scene.


Rich History and Cultural Attractions

Embroidered with a deep historical tapestry, Trelawny boasts numerous cultural attractions for those interested in Jamaica’s past.

Iconic Locations

  • Rose Hall Great House
  • Falmouth Historic District

Home to iconic sites like the Rose Hall Great House and the Falmouth Historic District, Trelawny is also adorned with stunning beaches and resorts that provide an idyllic setting for all kinds of travelers.

St. Ann

A Diverse North Coast Parish

Located on the north coast of Jamaica, St. Ann boasts a magnificent landscape — a wonderful blend of beaches, mountains, and rivers that encapsulates the island’s natural beauty.

Home to Ocho Rios

St. Ann is home to Ocho Rios, a widely admired tourist destination celebrated for its stunning waterfalls, including the renowned Dunn’s River Falls. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and top-tier resorts that cater to travelers seeking relaxation and luxury.


A Northeastern Haven

Resting in northeastern Jamaica, Portland offers a rugged coastline complemented by a mountainous terrain.

Beautiful Beaches and Lush Rainforests

Renowned beaches such as Frenchman’s Cove and Boston Bay are resident attractions of Portland. However, it’s the lush rainforests and abundant wildlife that truly testament to Jamaica’s rich biodiversity and draw nature lovers to its confines.

St. Thomas

Beautiful southeastern Jamaica

St. Located in the southeastern parts of the island, Thomas includes a stunning mix of interior mountains and coastal landscapes.

Birthplace of Jamaican Independence: Morant Bay

Morant Bay in St. Louis. The Thomas holds the distinction of being the birthplace of Jamaican independence, making it a historically important place in Jamaica’s modern history with these outstanding beaches and resorts a must-see.

Surrey is located

The earliest temple

Surrey, the easternmost parish in Jamaica, balances historical richness with natural splendor.

Historic sites and quiet beaches

Here you can explore Jamaica’s past through historical landmarks such as Port Royal and Fort Augusta. But no trip to Surrey is complete without immersing yourself in its beautiful beaches and tranquil setting.


From the rugged beaches and mountains of St. Petersburg, the sky is the limit. Elizabeth and Portland to the sprawling historical riches of Hanover and St. Louis. On St. Thomas, Surrey it is apparent that Jamaican churches offer experiences not to be forgotten, the spectacular waterfalls of St. Thomas, and the sights of the waterfalls. Anne Eight Rivers, . Negril in Westmoreland. With seven miles of stunning city beaches and the icing on the Jamaican holiday cake, each temple unique in its own way details Jamaica’s cultural richness, historical significance and natural beauty well.

Ideally, if you are visiting Jamaica, plan your itinerary to explore these amazing councils. Immerse yourself in St James’ vibrant nightlife, explore Surrey’s historic roots, or relax on Portland’s picturesque beaches. Whatever your taste, be sure to savor the diverse offerings of this beautiful island nation.

Jamaica is definitely more than just a vacation destination; It is a journey of discovery filled with memorable experiences in versatile temples. So why wait for it? Embark on this fascinating journey to discover Jamaica’s must-see temples and let your soul feel the exotic charm of the island.

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