The Best Off-piste Summer Sports in Tignes

Summer Sports in Tignes

While skiers and snowboarders everywhere will no doubt be mourning over the end of the winter season, it’s really no time to despair, since top snow resorts like Tignes in France still have everything you need to get your adrenaline fix in the great outdoors. In fact, Tignes particularly appeals to me for summer breaks, since you can do everything from mountain biking to paintballing.

Of course, this makes it pretty unbeatable for group holidays (after all, there’s nothing like shooting paint at your friends for having a laugh and beating stress!), but thanks to the sheer variety of things to do, it’s perfect for families too. Similarly, you can stay in a spacious chalet – as you would during a skiing trip – which is ideal for creating a sociable atmosphere.

For this post, however, I’m going to focus directly on what the best summer sports to try in Tignes are – so visit this website if you want to find out more about practical details like accommodation.

Mountain biking

The first sport on my list is mountain biking – largely thanks to the fact that the resort is home to the incredible Tignes-Val d’Isere Bike Park. Not only is this home to a whopping 150 km of trails, but it is also absolutely free to enjoy between June 29th and September 1st!

What I love most about this park is that it really does cater for everyone. Let me explain; there’s a great practice area called Bike Land thatyou can head to first, which will let you try out green, blue and red trails in the form of module lines. This gives you a feel for each type of track and helps you decide which routes you should go for once you’re in the main park.

In the bike park proper, you’ll find green, blue, red, black and double black runs across downhill, all-mountain and cross-country trails. So, it’s ultra-easy to find something you enjoy!

Summer Sports in Tignes


Next on my list is hiking. As you’d probably expect from a mountain resort, Tignes has some absolutely gorgeous scenery and I think walking is the perfect way to discover it – whether you fancy a serious challenge or nothing more than a light stroll.

There are plenty of hiking options here. First of all, you can select and tackle trails independently – there are loads to choose from. A few examples of good ones include the Aiquille Percee walk, which is fantastic if you’re seeking out great views, and the Bois de la Laye walk, which is ideal for families.

Alternatively, you could book a guided walk – these usually come in the form of half-day or full-day trips. As a quick tip, some of these include fun mixers at the end of the day, where you can socialise with your guide and fellow walkers – I think these are great if you love making new friends.


My final suggestion is paintballing, which you can try at the Wilderness Camp in Tignes les Boisses. If you’re travelling as a family, bear in mind this activity is only open to over-16s.

You’ll be divided into teams, with the object of the game to capture the opposing side’s flag, using your trusty paintball guns (which you’ll be kitted out with alongside your safety equipment) to battle your wa into their base camp. I think this is a particularly good option for large groups of friends – but just be prepared to end up with a few bruises!

These are just a few of the summer activities available in Tignes. Horse riding, white water rafting, kayaking, summer skiing, golf and tennis among the others – so get creative when planning your itinerary!

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