Infection of malaria may result in a wide variety of symptoms ranging from the absent symptoms this is where there are no symptoms at all. We have mild symptoms and the severe symptoms which can lead to death. Malaria is a curable disease if diagnosized early. Severe and complicated malaria can lead to death. Malaria is caused by a blood stage parasite which carries the plasmodium falciparum toxic that causes malaria, mostly through the female mosquitoes.The parasite have toxic factors that accumulate in the infected red blood causing major symptoms. The major symptoms of malaria are.

Aching muscles

The first sign that you might have malaria is aching joints, all your body joints become weak and they all start paining. You feel like your joints are in fire and movement or lifting of anything becomes hard since your body muscles are in pain. The leg muscle becomes weak and you cannot move as well as you would like to or you have been doing. When you feel like that and you had visited a mosquito infected areas go and see a doctor and let me check whether you have malaria.


We often get headaches either due to stress, overworking or weather, but the malaria headache has such a strong effect in you that it can even cause you to be light headed. You head becomes so heavy and paining to appoint where you can not lift it up. The malaria headache is so uncomfortable and painful you feel like you can cut your head, when you start having aches in the joints and you have a severe headache that is not going away with a simple painkiller that a sigh of malaria. In case you start feeling dizziness and you can’t open your eyes because of the headache rush to the emergency room.

Tummy ache, vomiting and diarrhea

This symptoms make you feel like your tummy is burning, the vomiting becomes so severe that you cannot hold anything in your tummy, you get a sharp pain allover your tummy after every second, you are having diarrhea, then you need to rush to the emergency room. When you have malaria vomiting becomes frequent and so many times you are just vomiting water and a yellow substance that is intoxicated in your body. When you have diarrhea you are just passing water and that makes you become so weak to a point of the sever symptoms making someone to be added for water through the veins in the hospital.

Lack of energy

Your muscles are aching, you have severe headache combined with paining tummy diarrhea and vomiting will leave your body weak to apoint where you need to be carried to the hospital. Lack of energy will leave you stuck in one place since you will not be able to move because of the dizziness. And since you do not have any appetite and you cannot hold any food in your stomach you are left weak and you lack any energy.

Fever, shivering and sweating.

This is a sign of malaria attack, the symptoms are now out and you start having sever malaria attach due to combination of the above symptoms. This is the last stage of sever malaria and you need to rush to the emergency room for proper treatment before malaria becomes more complicated.

Malaria leads to death of some many people all over the world. If you suspect to have the above symptoms of malaria seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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