6 Things Not to Forget to Pack for Your Cruise Holiday

It can get pretty hectic when you’re preparing for your cruise holiday, so taking the time to check everything carefully is vital. The last thing you want is to end up on the cruise ship and realize you’ve left some essential items at home! While you can buy many things on board and in port, it’s far less stressful (and expensive!) to make sure you have all of your own things packed. Here’s a list of important things not to forget when you’re packing for your next cruising holiday.


It may seem obvious, but forgetting to pack toiletries is a common mistake. It might not seem like much, but having to buy suitable replacements for everything can quickly become a costly exercise. Carefully pack a toiletries bag with everything you might need, from toothbrush and toothpaste to cosmetics, hairbrushes and deodorant. If everything is in the one bag, it will be far easier to double check it’s packed when the time comes to leave.


If you have any form of specialised medications, it is absolutely essential that you remember to take them on your voyage. It can also help to pack a small first aid kit with basic band aids and bandages as well as sterile swaps and some gauze in case of small injuries throughout the trip that you want to tend to yourself. Read more on how to stay healthy on the road.

All-Weather Gear

You may be heading off for a sunny sojourn in the South Pacific, but weather has a tendency to be rather fickle around those who aren’t adequately prepared. Conversely, your cooler destination may experience a sudden hot spell, so packing for all occasions is a must. This doesn’t mean taking your full wardrobe, but it does entail thinking ahead and packing smart. Always have a set of quality wet weather gear, some breezy light clothes and a set of light thermals in case you feel the chill. Layering is the key to keeping your luggage light and your clothing options extensive.


If you’re lucky enough to be on one of the fantastic Disney Cruises, chances are there is plenty for the kids to see and do! It helps to pack some extra entertainment though, whether it’s for you or the kids, to ensure that nobody feels like they are getting bored at any time throughout the trip. Between a few good books, some word puzzles, and a tablet or smartphone, there is hours of entertainment for all ages.

Chargers and Adapters

Remember to take along a charger for any electrical goods that you’re bringing along. This can be very hard to replace when en route, so it’s essential to double check it before you go! Check to see what adapter will be needed, if any, to connect to the ships power systems and consider packing a power board to allow you to charge several items at once.

Pack for Port Activities

It’s not just the cruising you need to keep in mind, but the port activities as well! If you’re keen on exploring on foot, pack some sturdy trainers, while those who want to snorkel and soak up the beach should remember their swimmers and a towel. Having a good idea of where you’re stopping, for how long, and what activities are on offer will help you to pack everything in advance.

If you remember to pack these simple items, chances are your cruise will be free from the stress and worry of forgetting to pack properly. Take the time to write yourself a comprehensive list of everything that you need, and tick each item off as you add it to your luggage. Don’t rush the packing process, as this is how things get forgotten. Being properly prepared is the key to get the very most out of your cruising holiday experience.

Emma Jane has been a freelance travel writer for 4 years. She has recently been invited to go on a press trip to cruise the Alaska and described it as once in a lifetime experience.

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