6 Great Hotels in Israel

Israel consists of six regions each with its own exclusive appeal. This country offers visitors many different areas to discover and explore. Here, you can get the most perfect hotel at the lowest rates for your stay in cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat. These hotels include:

1. The American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem

This hotel has been offering its lavish hospitality services for more than one hundred and twenty years. It is embodied by classic Arabian arches, extravagant furnishing and luxurious suites. With the modern affordable, amenities, location, access professional and vocational travellers, the American Colony’s atmosphere and glory fascinates its guests with the ultimate mix of modern conveniences and olden charm.

This hotel’s opulent gardens, first class restaurants, and great entertainment have earned it its eminent reputation as an oasis where endless elegance meets modern facilities to provide new and frequent guests of all ages with an amazing experience.

2. Inba Jerusalem Hotel

This hotel is centrally situated next to the Liberty Bell Park, a walking distance to historical and religious sites of the Old City of Jerusalem besides the modern city center. This hotel was built inside and out from the traditional Jerusalem stone and bounded by a wonderful courtyard

The hotel has a warm and friendly atmosphere with qualified experienced staff. Every guest is treated as a VIP in this hotel and bathrobes, mineral water and a daily newspaper are just some of the basic conveniences extended to every guest in the hotel.

3. Dan Eilat Hotel

The Dan Eilat is a lively blend of front-line extravagance and informality. Visualize a trip to your own isolated beach where all you see are wide spreads of blue sea, refined shades of undamaged desert and an enormous background of serrated mountains. That is the Dan Eilat, indisputably the most dazzling hotel in a vacation resort admired for its resort facilities.

4. The Dan Tel Aviv Hotel

This is simply a city hotel in resort scenery. A coastline slurped by the blue Mediterranean, the urban complexity of this hotel is in the middle of everything yet away from it all.

Suitable for a sun and fun holiday, a high pressure business trip or a bit of both, this hotel will meet your every expectation.

5. The King David Jerusalem Hotel

This hotel is Israel’s most prominent hotel and stands majestically overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. This innovative hotel is located at the point where the old fuses with the new. It is submerged in history and is the favourite of world leaders and celebs.

This hotel is prominent or its warm welcome, its comfortable and tastefully appointed guestrooms, suits and function halls. Its sophistication and serenity makes it the perfect choice for the sensitive travelers. The staff and teams of professionals in this hotel make sure that every occasion imitates the King David’s remarkable style and acclaimed hospitality.

6. The Mamilla Hotel

At the entry to the fashionable, highly projected Mamilla Mall, this hotel which is one of the best hotels in the Jerusalem arouses a fascination that is elusive and genuine. The hotel was designed with inflexible guests in mind and a lot of care was taken to craft an enjoyable, contented and revitalizing experience for Jerusalem’s most respected guests with prominence on the perfect customer care

There you have it the six great hotels in Israel with affordable, amenities, location, access and evokes a charm that is refined and reliable. These hotels were created by first class designers and are therefore the best and most lavish places to spend your vacation

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