6 Great Hostels in Cebu City

Moving out to a new place that one is not familiar with is always a great challenge. This is because one might have a problem looking for a place to stay or spend a night at. This challenge is common to many people visiting the Philippines and especially Cebu. People find it quite difficult to identify good hostels that will suite their travel and give them the best services. Some end up in some hostels with poor conditions while charging abnormal prices. This should not be the case any more. Here is a list of the 6 best Hostels in Cebu their location their services and prices they offer.

1. Four Reasons place

This hostel is located at the heart of the Cebu city, and as such offering easy access to most of the attractive locations in the town, like hotels, shopping stores and even clubs.The hostels offer accommodation facility that can cater for a whole family and as well if one is traveling alone they have single rooms. This room comes with a cabled TV and as such they are fitted with an aircon.

This hostel also offers special services which include an in made bathroom and toilet free wifi, backyard laundry and as well breakfast services

This place has been hosting many guests from Britain India Germany Spain china and other major places.

2. Elicon House

This hostel is rated second best in Cebu. It is an inn that provides comfort with ease access to the township and the major tourist attraction centers. Elicon offers affordable rooms 42 in number that can accommodate families students singles and as well a group of people. The house is easily accessible by public means of transport and even taxi services. There rates are awesome and their services are quality.

3. Mayflower

This is amongst the highest rated hotels in Cebu. It offers comfort luxury and security with very efficient services all rated at 80%. One amazing thing about the Mayflower is that it is located in a very accessible location that can be accessed just by walking. Mayflower is located next to the provincial capitol building and the palace of Judiciary.It also provides easy access to some places like the sport and exhibition venues, and quick access by taxi to the uptown and downtown business district

4. West Gordo

This modern hotel decorated with Philippine designs is a favorite choice for most of the business travelers and executives. This is because of the quality and friendly services they offer and not forget the best rates and as well the ease of access to the hostels.

The 44 guest rooms are fitted with hot and cold showers, piped music cable Tv and not fighting a private phone. All this offers just comfort and the luxury of a habitation. Plus that they can accommodate both a large group of people or as well a family.

They also offer a commercial room for conferences which makes it a safe spot for those who are going out there for business conferences.

5. Hale Manna Beach resort

Hale manna which means a house of good energy is the perfect name that describes this beach side inn and resort. The resort is famed for its tranquility and splendor that can only be found along the beach.It is located in Barangay Saavedra, Municipality of MoalboalThe resort offers great activities that include snorkeling and free driving

6. Dulcinea Hotel

The hotel which has the quickest access to the airport and offers friendly services is a great place to spend some days at. It is a 20 minutes drive to Cebu town and this offers a quick access to some of the attractions in the town.

The rooms are massive and comfy and the staff are very professional and friendly, not forgetting, the high standard of cleanliness maintained in the rooms.

It is an understatement to say that these resorts offer good services. In essence they offer standard and classy services, therefore, one planing to travel to Cebu should not be inconvenienced with a place to spend, either for a day or for a week. One can simply choose from the list of this great hostels. Once in one of them you will not miss to refer a friend traveling there

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