China is a country that is vast not only in its size but also in its heritage and the rich culture that it has brought down from the past has made it more than a worthwhile place for you go for a vacation. There are ancient temples and seats of culture and dynasties that have vanished into the sands of time but have left behind great works of art and architecture for you to behold in this day and age. But just going there is not enough because you need to know where to stay and how to minimize the cost of traveling across such a large country.

Here are some of the best options available at your disposal are when you are on a budget in China.

Budget Hotels

If you want to cut down on the overall cost for staying in Beijing and maximize your budget for travels then these cheaper hotels is what you want in Beijing. They are mostly 2 star hotels that you can get for $25 to $50. The best choice for most is probably Beijing Far East Hotel and Far Crown Hotel near Dhongsi Street in central Beijing. They will be proving the best value for price service if you can get them.


If you are going for extended stays and you are young then you are going to be far better off staying at a number of hostels available across Beijing. These are cheap accommodations based on sharing rooms and make for great budget stays for students and photographers on travel in China. The best choice here would be Happy Dragon Courtyard Hostel and Beijing Wada Hostel because they are very close to the train stations and bus depots and hence ideal for young travelers.

Couch Surfing

It is always better to be part of a group and couch surfing is a new concept and it has already infiltrated China. It is an online community of people who are fond of traveling and they are always ready to help you with accommodations. All you have to do is get enlisted and they will do the rest for you according to your preferences.


Everything is in the internet now and airborne is a site that has everything you might need on your travels in China. From accommodations to travel guides to local guides to where you can get the best food and other necessaries are all there on their site. Hence that is a possibility you can look into as well.

Budget apartments

If you are looking to stay longer than a year in China then Beijing is the best place for you and all you need is to lease in an apartment and that will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is not hard at all to find cheap apartments in Beijing. There are many bookers online that you can turn to but make sure they are trustworthy and are not fooling you.

Guest Houses

World-wide this is the best form of accommodation for any traveler and since they are connected through their contacts across China you can be moving from one home to the next practically. Red Lantern House and Regent Beijing are popular first choices for many who have been to Beijing.

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