Traveling is all about relaxing and having a peace of mind. This will only come when you have no worries about eventualities that might happen in a new destination. Travel insurance remains important in such situations. The industry has grown as people have known the importance of having one. Falling sick, getting an accident or even death in a foreign country comes with expenses. Some countries have very expensive medical health care. This kind of insurance is also important for domestic travels. The other important thing once you have considered it is the policy. Having the wrong policy will not help either. An ideal policy should cover all the important risks. It is very important to read the fine prints before taking any cover. You should also remember that most policy cover on the factor of age, origin, destination and duration of travel.

What are the available plans?

  • Single plan. This will cover a single occasional travel. It is a one cover plan for any single trip you make.
  • Multi trip. This policy will cover multiple trips you make in a given period say a year.
  • Family travel insurance. It will cover every single member of your family.

What are the available policies?

Emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation and repatriation.

This policy covers any emergency medical expenses. This includes in-patience and out-patience. Any transport cost to the hospital comes under evacuation clause. In the case of death your remains will be transported to your home country.

Accidental deaths and personal disability

Under this policy any death caused in a public transport will be covered. This will include transport on either bus or say train but must be a public transport. Also for any permanent disability you will be compensated here.

Flight delay and other travel events.

The delay here is mostly not less than 24 hours. That small delay may not earn you any claims. If you lost your passport this policy will also spare you the trouble of having a new one.

Personal and financial emergency

When in the course of your travel you get robbed. The policy will see you compensated to a certain limit. Third party will be compensated for any injury caused by your actions. Say you luggage falling on someone on board.

Hotel accommodation

It covers any injury you pick in your hotel. Also any sickness will be covered. This means being picked and taken to the hospital


This has been the source of many complaints. Again reading carefully the fine prints will save you a lot. Some policies may exclude a condition you are likely to suffer. Pr-existing conditions are in most not covered under certain policies. Make sure you disclose any of these conditions if you may be having one.

Risky sporting activities could also be excluded from your policy. If you know you are going to participate in a winter sporting activity like skiing take the suitable policy. Accidents occurring under the influence of alcohol or drugs might leave you also claiming nothing.


Travel insurance, coverage of travel insurance should always top your list. Having the right policy is equally important for you. All these will give you the peace when you know factors out of control are taken care of. Bon voyage!

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