In this fast developing world, where every single person is striving to change, him or herself, her family, and her society in overall, towards a better standard of life.

Every nation is working upon to develop in terms of productivity, infrastructure, technology, and the list continues. Well development, progress, change all are the positive facets of life, but nothing comes for free, all brings their own constraints, like discipline, hardwork, financial support, etc. To encapsulate all these, they bring stress to an individual, stress on grounds of professional and personal life,family issues, the need to meet with its perpetual needs and demands also adds to the stress. Stress takes a toll upon body’s immunity, the ability to respond to injury,and the capacity to maintain vital metabolisms. Clearly,stress is uncalled for, but, practically we can be without it. The only respite, is to obtain a break from regular pace of life at intervals,which oozes of the tension, the stress. There’s the role of vacation is seeked.

Vacations effectively breaks into stress cycle, relaxes and rejuvenates the mind, makes a person prepared to take upon workload again, on returning from a vacation. When a vacation is what you need, what better could it be than to have your family with you, as they say, a happy family, is a happy life!

Well if you get the idea of need of a vacation, let’s take you through some of the most exotic holiday destinations in the upcoming year ahead.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Located on the banks of Mississippi river, is one of the top ten tourist destinations in America. It’s studded with many jewels of attractions, ranging from renowned French quarter, the notorious night life of Bourbon Street, to the St.Charles Avenue, marked with America’s most beautiful boulevard. The city is the home to many vibrant festivals from Carnivals like the Madi Grass, to the music festivals, the jazz –fest here, is unparallel. With a sun tropical climate, july and august are the best months to visit here. With private cars,shuttles, street cars traveling around is really easy. To enjoy the delicacy, check out the Antoine’s, which serves French-creole classics. You shall love to stay at Jazz quarters, in Theme neighborhood.

Ranthambore National Park

Located in the Sawai Madhopur district of rajasthan, is a house to tigers, and an exotic must-go destination for wild-life lovers. It covers 151 sq.miles reserve,which houses abundant with leopards,monkeys, wild boars, foxes, macaques, crocodiles, and birds, it exhibits exotic landscapes with ruins of temples and forts, a delight to the eyes of a traveler. The park is open during the month of october,morning visits give the best experience.Out fitters like luxury micato safari cars are available for a day trip.If you are looking for a place to stay Oberoi vanyavilas tents is the best what you can have. Being there,don’t miss the chance to enjoy the best of rajasthani meals over there, like choorma,daal bati.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Located in Lanikai,on the windward coast of Oahu, Hawaii, presents one of the most exotic beaches in the world. Covering a half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees, lush tropical plants, and boundless sunshine makes Lanikai one of Hawaii’s most scenic beaches. A nearby coral reef protects the shore, which keeps the surf relatively calm. The water is always deep green and perfect like the post card. The best season to visit her is from mid-december to april, the weekens being the most happening time over here. During full-moon, it is the best place to watch the moon rise over the Mokuluas.


Republic of Maldives is an island nation in Indian Ocean with a double chain of twenty six atolls. From water sports activities,deep sea diving, to wildlife safari, to realms of Buddhist and Islamic heritage, Maldives has it all. Plenty of exotic resorts line up the island,providing exhilarating view. It’s a perfect place to enjoy the sunset balanced with a cocktail in hand. It’s always good time to visit Maldives, though the surfing seasons are form March to October,and to have a good view of Coral reefs May to November on western side and rest of the months on the eastern side are ideal.

Rocky Mountain national park, Colorado

Rising up along the Continental Divide, Rocky mountain park is naturally exotic attraction for vacations, with 77 mountains above 12000 ft, exhibits a variety of wildlife,ranging from alpine tundra-which provides easy access to meandering trails and meadows, to wooded forests. Major tourist centers here are the drive-in campsites of Moraine park and Aspenglen,but they require pre-reservation. Mid june to mid august are best time to visit here,subalpine flowers bloom during may. The trail ridge road from eastern entrance, provide the most suitable communication for a one-day trip.

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