Philippines is included in the list of the top destinations to tour when in Asia. It is a country in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. It is rated as the world’s 12th most popular country. The Philippines has accommodations that fit all of your budgets as they range from international five-star and luxurious beach resorts to simple rooms. These accommodations are located in the best sites from the pristine beaches to the marine reserve of El Nido. The various operators of these facilities are above everything else committed to supporting local people and the environment. They are located in peaceful and quiet locations with excellent visibility of the shores, lovely scenic mountains as well as lush forests with magnificent view of the bay and the sunset.

There is a list of great accommodation options in the Philippines which include;

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Hostels
  • Guest houses
  • Dorms
  • Apartments
  • Private rooms
  • Condominiums


Philippines has a variety of hotels which are classified into star system from 1 to 7. They provide you with sleeping accommodation which usually features dining facilities as well as daily housekeeping service. They range from luxury hotels to those that can offer low budget accommodation. They are mainly located in Manila, Cebu Island, Davao, and Aklan among other famous cities in Philippines. Examples are like The Peninsula Manila, New World Makati Hotel, The Royal Mandaya Hotel, and Marco Polo Plaza Cebu among many more. They are family-friendly and their locations are within reach of the plenty areas attractions.


They cater for all your leisure travels and are located at the beaches, forests or near mountains. Those at the beaches provide you with magnificent shores with clear waters for swimming. Some are located at the lush forests with magnificent views of the sunset which for many is usually a site to behold. Not forgetting the visibility options of lovely scenic mountains for the resorts that are located in mountainous regions. There are quite a number of recreational activities available for you to enjoy. They include swimming pools, tennis courts, golf course and other sporting activities.

Hostels and Dorms

These are the best alternative for students and other budget travelers who wish to save money as it is an inexpensive form of accommodation. Hostels in Philippines offer lodging at low cost where common toilets, kitchen and bathing facilities are shared by rooms on the same floor.

Condominiums and apartments

If you are considering getting accommodation for a longer period of time probably when on vacation you might consider renting a condo or an apartment. You should however note that these forms of accommodation are a bit expensive because fees for upkeep, security, landscaping and maintenance are inclusive.


There are magnificent private homes in Philippines exclusively used to offer accommodation to guests. It might be selective and often you are required to book for an appointment.

If you are planning a gateway to Philippines you now have accommodation options to choose from whether you are looking for a budget or a luxurious accommodation. It is a good opportunity to relax and enjoy a splendid vacation in Philippines.

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