Some Unique Services that Make your Airport Experience Better

Traveling is great and makes you a better person since you gain knowledge about the way of life of people in different countries, their habits, cuisine, and you can also visit unique places and have a first-hand experience which can never be lived and felt through photos or even documentary films. However, traveling can also be exhausting and frustrating especially when you travel long distances and have to wait at the airport for the connection. Apart from the obvious great services such as free parking or great airport hotels, there are also airports which further think and care about their customers’ comfort and pleasure and offer unique services. There are many great sites online, such as, to book your next stay. So let’s have a look at an example of some airports providing some excellent additional services!

A Place for Your Four-Footed Friends at Tokyo Narita International Airport

Tokyo’s Narita airport in Japan offers services of pet hotel where you can accommodate your pet during the travel. The services are extremely suitable for people who travel very often but do not have any close people who could take care of the pet during their journey. They can rely on the services of the pet hotel which provide not only food and catering but the full-time services for their animal friends.

Reach Inner Calm in Yoga Room at San Francisco Airport

Another distinct and exciting service provided by the airport in San Francisco is yoga room which is suitable for workout and relaxation and practicing yoga. After an exhausting day, it is a balm for the soul when you just go into a yoga room and relax with your favorite exercise. And completely free of charge!

Play Ping-Pong at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For those who are more active and want to practice their favorite sport or just stretch their legs after the long flight, is dedicated the free ping-pong tables in the hall of the airport. And as is true in the previous case, they are entirely free of charge and for everyone.

Watch Movies at Singapore Changi Airport

Could you ever imagine watching the most recent blockbuster for free? And on the airport? It can happen if you travel to the Singapore Changi Airport. There are two 24/7 opened movie theaters where you can enjoy watching the movies of all genres when waiting for the connection or just spend some time here after your arrival to the final destination.

Listen to the Live Music at the Nashville International Airport

For the fans of the live music, Nashville International Airport offers production of local musicians on four stages. The tradition commenced in the 1980s and expanded further in the recent years. The music performed includes all genres so every traveler can find his favorite in the choice and spend some extra time listening to the production.

To Conclude:

There are a plethora of airports around the world providing many great services, #and the list above is only a short introduction of the most interesting of them. The airports aim to meet the requirements of their costumers who do not want to spend their waiting time for connection by sitting on the bench in the hall but rather enjoy entertaining# or relaxing activities which provide them necessary energy for further journeys!

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