What are the best holidays for families?

The very best holidays for families are those where every member can participate and enjoy themselves. The website Netmums suggests that flexibility and creativity are essential but just what are the best holidays for families?


In their recent report, the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) revealed that package holidays are increasing in popularity. In 2012, the total number of people taking this type of holiday increased from 42% of all overseas holidays in 2011 to 48%.

The most popular destinations included Turkey, Greece, France and the USA.

The report also highlights the increase in the demand for good value as 70% of all consumers interviewed suggested that this point was one of their most important criteria for a successful holiday.

If you are planning a holiday it’s vital to look at insurance options. Allianz Global Assistance single trip travel insurance is one of the many options that help provide peace of mind for all travelers, whether they choose to travel within the UK or go overseas.


It’s important, when planning a family holiday to introduce the concept of compromise. As long as you all sit down together and draw up a budget and then plan family likes and dislikes around this design, all of you should be able to reach an agreement. A holiday is designed to be a break not a battlefield, after all.


If you decide to take a package holiday have a look at the available options. Package holidays have changed enormously in the last decade. ABTA has discovered that an increasing number of families opt for a ‘tailor-made’ choice. This type of holiday still comes under the title of a package holiday but allows the family to design their holiday around their specific wish list.

For example, in a family which consists of the very young together with teenagers, then try and select a holiday that provides baby sitting facilities as well as access to the clubs and adventure centers.

The 15-25 age group are taking more holidays in general with 5 trips per year the average for the last 12 months according to ABTA and this means that you may have to accept that family holidays aren’t the only type of holiday which can be taken.

And, if your kids are going on more than one holiday then that means you can too!

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